Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Local Man Dies Doing Monkey Humpers


A Wilson approved PAX of an even 4 hit the rolling hills of Tuckahoe for a tour of sorts.

Mosey to the Church


  • DQs
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Jazzercises
  • Suzanne Somers’s (L/R)
  • APDs

Mosey down River to Gaymont to University – 2 Burpees per Pickup Truck

  • Jack Webb Legs – Squat x 1/ High Knees x 4, 2:8….10:40

Mosey University to Ralston over to cut-through to Kanawha

  • Partner Dora – 100 Merkins, 200 Mountain Climbers, 300 SSHs (altered to 200), P2 runs uphill and back

Mosey Holmes over to Crest/ Sunset to Westham– 2 Burpees per Pickup Truck

  • Jack Webb Abs – WWII x 1/ Reverse Crunch x 4 up to 5:20

Mosey up Westham, stop for 30 Monkey Humpers on Pinetree (Hi Roger!)

Mosey over to a median with grass 5 times lusher than NoToll and continue JW Abs

Mosey Westham back to Launch Lot Rails

  • Incline Merkins x 10 IC
  • Dips x 10 IC
  • Repeato x 5

Mosey back to SF

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


As AC/DC once sang that was a Whole Lotta Mosey, well close enough.  Kubota clocked over 3 miles.  The loop itself around was measured at about 2, but with plenty of running in the Dora and high knees 3 miles seems about right.  YHC successfully confused Offshore so much he thought the Kanawha tennis courts were part of some unknown baseball complex.  Apparently still dazed he took to doing his Monkey Humpers in oncoming traffic.  As he snapped out of it and avoided disaster, he joked that the headline would read “Local Man Dies Doing Monkey Humpers.”  YHC noted, “At least you’d die doing what you loved.”  Thanks for getting up extra early to see some sites.  Make it a great one.


Offshore is looking to start a new Tuckahoe 3rd F, details forthcoming

Prayers for Sippy


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  1. Enjoyed the tour of my neighborhood, EFH! Who knew there were so many pick-up trucks around. Nice fog and humidity mixed in this morning. Is that a softball field?

    Have a great day and SYITG!

  2. Hey, it looked like a nice dugout and fence. They just need to dig up those tennis courts. Who knew the pickup is the essential third vehicle for the UR area. Nice Q EF.