Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I [heart] MILFs


Are moms hot? Are ball dippers single count or double count? 100 reps then 200 reps then 300 — how does that work? Eight seekers of knowledge posted to Source of Truth; here’s what they learned:

COP: Invisible jump ropes x 20 (Tclaps to OC for the Floyd Mayweather flair); hillbillies x 15; Don Quixotes x 10 (YHC almost blew an O ring in this one); cherry pickers x 10; Suzanne Somers x 10 per side; Heels to Heaven x 20.

IP run (The Six does 3 Hand Release Merkins then pursues) to the track

THANG 1: BBC Catch Me If You Can

Lap 1: PAX A Bernie Sanders, PAX B 3 burpees and pursues; flapjack

Lap 2: PAX A Bear Crawls, PAX B 6 ball dippers and pursues; flapjack (This sucked. Big time).

Lap 3: PAX A Carioca, PAX B 3 crabcakes and pursues; flapjack.

Long mosey to the hill for:


PAX A sprints up hill and back while PAX B exercises; flapjack and repeato until team rep counts are reached:

Merkins x 100
Imperial Walkers x 200
Little Baby Crunches x 300
Freddie Mercuries x 200
Sumo Squats x 100

Long mosey around school, the sprint the length of the front drive to the flag.

COT: Numberama, name-o-rama, announcements, YHC took us out.

NMMS: Boberry is Shivering in the River this Saturday and Doozy is organizing a moving crew this evening for a parishioner in need at his church – check Slack channel for deets. That 220 yard bear crawl was a mouthful, but this beast mode PAX chewed it up. Hats off, gents.


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  1. Nice Q Doublemint, that was a man sized shit sandwich for sure. I was a bit concerned when you mentioned Full Metal Jacket because I’m most familiar with R Lee Emery’s quotes from the beginning such as: “you’re from Texas? Well there’s only two things from Texas, steers and queers, and you ain’t got no horns boy!”

  2. Good Q Doublemint, that shitstorm of bear crawls around the track was no joke. MILFS. May have to use that one again.