Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



The tepid NoToll gloom welcomed eight veteran F3 contestants to play the game “Guess That Wetness – Rain, Sweat, or Tears?” Here’s how everyone won a participation trophy:


Mosey to Field for COP #1:

  • Welcome & F3 Disclaimer
  • Nancy Kerrigans x10 Each Side IC
  • Hairy Rockettes x10 IC
  • The Opus x10 IC
  • Crab Cakes x10 IC
  • Dying Quixotes x10 IC
  • Rosalita Whip x10 IC
  • No Cheat Merkins x10 IC

Mosey Lap around Field, then COP #2:

  • Hardywood-Approved Arm Circles:
  • Assume T-plank with Rt arm out for x15 arm circles IC, roll to Six for x15 Chinook Flutter Kicks IC, roll to T-plank with Left arm out for x15 arm circles, roll to Six for x15 IC Chinook Flutter Kicks
  • Repeato x2 more Rounds IC 

Mosey Lap around Field, then COP #3:

  • Wheelbarrow 4-Corners: 
  • Partner up and alternate wheelbarrows to circumnavigate half the soccer field, stopping to complete the following at each corner:
  • Corner 1 – x25 WWII
  • Corner 2 – x50 B-Dippers (single count)
  • Corner 3 – x75 Monkey Humpers
  • Corner 4 – x100 PLT’s (x50 Each)
  • Plankorama for the SIX

Mosey Lap around Field, then COP #4:

  • 4×4-icides (width of Field):
  • Suicides with x3 4×4’s each time you hit the baseline (each 4×4 Burpee has x4 Merkins & x4 Mountain Climbers)
  • AlGore for the SIX

Mosey Lap around Field, then COP #5:

  • Not-So-Lazy Boys:  
  • Sitting, legs straight, arms crossed, alternate leaning back & hold, rotating Right & hold, rotating Left & hold

Mosey BTTF for COT:

  • Counterama # 8
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • Today’s crew was an all-star team, rockin a solid DTH suckorama while embracing the challenge of whatever inclement wetness God might provide. WAY TO POST FELLAS!!! Special thanks today to DOUBLEMINT who faithfully kept count through all the Cadence Pain. I appreciate you man! Prayers go out to all the fartsackers who may well experience a day full of woulda-coulda-regret. You can post for a make-up DTH playdate on Thursday at the Forge and Saturday at Dogpile. SYITG!

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  1. – Connect with DOOZY to help a lady move tomorrow after work …Happy Hour F2 after.
    – DTH and Fam leaving Sunday for 6 weeks serving in Papua New Guinea – prayers appreciated and follow updates on Blog: Hendersonsinmissions.Blogspot.Com

  2. Awesome Q DTH! A light rain still felt like 70 and sunny today thanks to the ever lively F3RVA crew. Doublemint that article is great. To summarize “hygge” must be Danish for “fart-sack”?