Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Six tenacious thrill-seekers erratically parked at Hoedown this morning for a late sign-up edition of a Splinter Q. After describing how much sleep YHC lost over the past few days thinking about this Q, off we went for something similar to what is transcribed below.

Quick double loop counter clockwise around the drop off loop in honor of Upchuck ?. Diversion after turn 3 of lap 2 up the stairway and to the center of the sea of black.

– 10x Donald Quixotes
– 1x Burpee
– 15x HIGH Knees
– 2x Burpee (accurately predicted by Hitchhiker)
– 15x Arm Circles each direction
– 3x Burpee
– 20x American Hammers
– 4x Burpee
– 15x Imperial Walkers
– 5x Burpee
– 15x Mountain Climbers
– 6x Burpee
– 10x Lunges
– 7x Burpee
– 15x Hillbillies
– 8x Burpee
– 20x LBCs
– 9x Burpee
– 10x Kimchi Twists
– 10x Burpee

Very short mosey to the very short basketball hoop (appropriately sized for some PAX members) and wait for Upchuck to demonstrate his inner Spud Webb. Small 4 corners bounded by two basketball goals. 10x merkins, 20x squats, 30x WWIIs, 40x Flutter Kicks (2 count). Alternate bear crawling and lunging between stations.

Slightly longer mosey to the southeast corner of the black sea for a full sized 4 corners. Increase count by 5 for previous exercises. Skip jump between stations with arm waving OYO.

Anticipating complaints due to the lack of moseying, YHC led the PAX for a brief mosey down Lindsay. Partner up for catch me if you can. After some discussion around the intended outcome of Bernie Sanders, and Handshake catching his breath, partner 1 starts “Sandersing” up the hill while partner 2 completes 3 burpees then runs forward to tag partner. Continue up the hill.

Mosey back down the hill with great fanfare.

Same partners, suicides up Lindsay with lit lamp posts on the right acting as the lines. Partner 1 runs legs 1 & 3 and partner 2 runs legs 2 & 4. Idle partner squats and jumps repeatedly.

Needing to run back up the hill, YHC beckoned alternate “Sandersing” and forward run with the lamp posts acting as the transition point. Convene at the top before scurrying back to the parking lot for 2 minutes or mary which included reverse crunches and LBCs.

Numbers and Salutations before ample prayer requests with YHC taking us out.

Great fun today fellas.



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  1. Splinter a late Q is a great Q, way to push the PAX. I always like to incorporate (some may call it steal) bits and pieces from other Qs and the burpees between the exercises may be seen at a Doozy Q soon.

    If anyone is interested in helping get Mrs Courtney moved on Wednesday at 5:00 please let me know. It sounds like we may have 4 possible 5 warriors that can help. We will meet at 2008 Timbers Hill Dr Apt i. She said she will buy pizza and water. Afterward I thought that anyone interested could mosey to the nearest adult beverage institution. If you are coming please wear your F3 shirt we will take a couple photos and I’ll ask our church to post them on the screen and see me about details on how to join F3.