Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2 Years of Vinny: Blame Hardywood


30 Suck Embracers posted to embrace the suck. Here’s how:

Mosey down to Food Truck Circle for COP: Lots of Arm Circles in honor of Flash Dance – who named me Vinny. Boat Holds in honor of our brother Swirly who is in South Carolina cheering on his daughter in a college softball contest. Go get ’em Reagan! Scorpion Kicks – Honeydo wasn’t with us today. He loves them. TYA wasn’t with us today. He hates them.

Bermuda Triangle: At the bottom instructions were given. Two exercises (but 4 or 5, if you’re Wilson). PAX Bear Crawl and/or Crab Walk as the main exercises. If a PAX member switches from one to the other, he must do 10 WWIIs. If a PAX member wants to take 5 lunges, then he must do 50 SSHs. Commence up the hill on the left – across the top road – back down the backside to the starting point.

Touch a Tree: Grab a coupon. Rounds of 8/6/4. Runner carries coupon to all trees. Round of 8 = Curls. Round of 6 = Bench Press. Round of 4 = hold the coupon above your head.

Jenny on the Blocks: Partners perform 10 Boo Ya Merkins on the coupons. x 3 rounds.

Wilson’s Boxing Cockroaches: 20 per round x 3 rounds.

Pearl Jam: Mosey to the amphitheater. No Ticket Master fees. Alternating exercises on each step. 5 Incline Merkins. 5 Dips. All the way out.

4MOM: Flutter Kicks / Hello Dollies / Rosalitas

BTTF: Burpees x 2

Announcements: There are lots. Poker tonight with Orange Crush. Doozy has a great cause helping an elderly member of his church move. Our brother Wild Thing lost his wife recently and there is a memorial service today. There are PreBlasts for all.

Appropriately Dressed Moleskin: “Bone Thugs, give me a 20 count.” “Twenty … ummm …. ummmm….” “Hey Bone Thugs, give us a twenty count in the voice of Bull Winkle.” “Twenty, nineteen, eighteen, etc.”

Thanks also to EF Hutton for brining his best Macho Man Randy Savage slowly morphs into Hulk Hogan impersonation.

Shout out to my man Recall – you’ve been crushing it. Can’t wait to see you crush BRR. Shout out to Exit Row – early front runner for comeback of the year award. Don’t anyone try and beat him. One heart attack is all that’s allowed. Shout out to the infusion of new guys who are out here putting in work. Keep it up!

Now then, two years ago I met some a%$hole named Patton Gleason. He tricked me into coming to a Dogpile Q’d by Slurpee (where ya been Slurpee?). I hated it, but was instantly hooked. It was exactly what I needed in my life. It’s been an awesome two years. Tons of great memories. Tons of brothers I never knew I had. From my first ever Q to BRR last fall, I’ve loved every minute of time spent with this brotherhood. For those of you who are just joining us, trust me, make it a priority. The payoff is incredible. You will not regret one moment in the gloom. You’ll be better for it, and better because of it.

It’s been a real honor to be a part of F3RVA for the past two years, and I look forward to riding with y’all until our move this summer. But don’t think for one minute that means y’all are getting rid of me. I’ll be back. It all starts with Gumbo and I defending our championship at the 2nd Annual, First Inaugural F3RVA Retreat on Saturday, October 3rd.

See y’all Monday at Batteau.


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  1. Today was about all of the things that we experience with F3. Hard work, challenges, good times, things we don’t enjoy but know make us better, brotherhood, etc. Enjoy the good times. And when it arrives, embrace the suck. I appreciate y’all letting me lead today. It’s such an awesome opportunity and one I try not to take for granted. Have a great rest of the weekend gents.

  2. Always look forward to a Vinny Q. Some great ideas mixed with a bit of confusion makes a sold beat down. Always keep em guessing. I do miss the app. lol Have a great day.

  3. Good times! Glad to be back out on a Saturday. FNG Kubota….funny, Hardywood.

    Vinny, two years! BOOM!

  4. Yeah baby! Way to lead Vinny. You have crushed it these past two years and I love that on your new drivers license it says that your blood type is F3 positive and you are an organ donor with a legal disclaimer that the new recipient will be prone to early morning workouts and questionable sports opinions. Love it.

  5. Longest bear crawl of my life today thanks to Vinny saying there were two exercises “and you WILL switch.” Challenge accepted. Hips currently non functional.

    Way to jump in full force, Vinny. Nothing quite like Vinny’s Baseball or the Field Day. Way to make a positive stamp on this group of men.