Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No snow but plenty of wind


Eleven eager PAX made their way to Twin Team to look for some snow. A thorough investigation of the AO yielded zero snow on the ground but we found a beatdown on the way:

COP: SSH, 10 Burpees, Don Qs, Helicopters, Merkins, Flutterkicks. Down to track/stadium: DORA of 100 Merkins, 200 Jumpsquats, 300 LBCs.

Stay on field – Bear Crawl width of field, 20 Burpees, Bernie Sanders across. Pickle pounders. Mosey to stadium entrace gazebo: 3 rounds of 30 Donkey Kicks & B2W. Head up to BWES playground – 4 Rounds of 8 Pull-ups & 10 WWIIs.

Back to front of BWES under cover partner up – 2 sets of 30 PLTs. Back to flag, YHC took us out. Prayers for Wild Thing & his family, DTH mission trip, and YHC FIL.

Annoucements: Wild Thing M’s memorial service is tomorrow morning in Daville, see pre-blast. Also Poker at Orange Crush place tomorrow night.

NMS – In order to keep progress on Winter Tour going YHC signed up for Q today. Woke up early in anticipation of ice on car & nasty roads. Instead YHC found himself at AO at 5:10. Luckily Doublemint prepared for the non-existent weather as well and arrived early. Plenty others came in hot right before 5:30 and we were off.

Although there was no snow to be had the wind made this maybe the coldest morning so far in the gloom this winter, at least for YHC. Several PAX members were SOP while others were more covered up, you know who you are. Wilson appeared to be 4-5 layers in under his jacket.

Dora on the field got the pax warmed up. One team needed some help on their math in the Dora, can’t remember who that was. Donkey Kicks under the roof were nice but someone ripped one and blamed it on Cooper.

The more veteran pax members took advantage of their experience on the WWIIs on the playground as they opted for grass instead of the sand or mulch areas. Doublemint had to shake out a ton of sand on the final mosey.

YHC hopes the SOJ pax enjoyed their soft 2 hour school delay.


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  1. The Mintcheeks are now baby smooth — WWIIs in playground sand should be a spa treatment or something. Great beat down Honeydo – that Bearcrawl Burpee Bernie burger was nearly a Merlot event for me.

  2. Glad you came SOJ to see the snow Honeydo. Thoroughly enjoyed the time warp we went through around the donkey kicks that somehow gave us an extra 15 minutes.