Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No BB for No Toll – No way


14 battle tested warriors arrived at No Toll looking to see what Doozy Q had in store.

COP = Mossy to the basketball court

DQ’s, Helicopters, Cherry Pickers, LBC,s, Merkins and Scorpion Kicks

Mossy to the big parking lot

Man Killers and Parking lot merkins

Mossy to the soccer field

Four Corners – Prostitute style

WWII’s, Jump Squats, Monkey Humpers and LBC’s

Mossy to right side of soccer fields

Triple Check

Partner 1 – Dips, Partner 2 – LBC’s, Partner 3 – Run

Mossy to basketball Court – Burpie Suicides

Back to the flag with a minute left Burpie when called

Numbers/names YHC took us out


Sorry guys, I thought I would have more time this morning to get the BB out. I’ve been wanting to Q No Toll for some time now and when my opportunity finally comes up all the ideas I had seem to go out the window. I am always happy to bring the man killers and my new favorite parking lot Merkins.


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  1. Hate the mankillers and HATE the parking lot merkins…comparatively, the prostitute wasn’t so bad. Which means I must need more mankillers and merkins in my life.

    Well done Doozy!