Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Batteau Triple


Three pax joined up in The Gloom for a Monday morning Hot Potato. Temps were sunny and 70. Despite looking far and wide, no latecomers joined….so, onward to…

The COP – Courtesy of YHC

3 veterans means save the time devoted to the Disclaimer and get started…SSHs, DQs, Hillbillies, reverse crunches, LBCs, and HRMs.

Monday Morning 6-Pack

Starting with the picnic table to the left of the Batteau House, the PAX did a loop, performing one exercise at each of 6 tables. Exercises were:

10 Derkins
20 dips
10 step-ups (per leg)
20 four-count Flutter Kicks
15 incline merkins
20 WWIIs

Two rounds in the dark. Avoid tree branches and holes. YHC wondered why Swirly wasn’t up front…more to follow.

Flip it to Doozy for…

Mosey des Doozy

Mosey across the Batteau Field to the Park Road, stopping along the road for two sets of 20 dips. Continue along the r

Burpee des Trois

Loop around the lake. Find a lamppost (lighted or otherwise), stop and do 3 burpees. YHC estimates 10 lampposts.

Triangle Up at the Intersection of Loop and Other Loop. Short mosey to stairs for…

Sippy’s Crawl of Death

Bear crawl up the steps, then up the path, then up the steps. Longer than it sounds.

Swirly’s Revenge

YHC did not know Swirly had a bum ankle until after YHC ran Swirly around and across an uneven field with lots of sticks in the dark. All else equal, with three PAX, there were other options for the group.

Swirly got his revenge (YHC is making this more dramatic than it was).

Everyone grab a stone. Time for some boulder-work.

First round: 20 curls, walk to terrace on the steps with the stone, 20 dips, carry stone back up.

Second round: same as First Round, but add 10 over-head presses before going down the steps.

Third round: 20 curls, 10 over-head presses, 15 squats, walk to terrace on the steps with the stone, 10 derkins, carry stone over-head back up to the top. YHC attempted to remain conscious.

Mosey BTTF.

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, YHC took us out.


Keep Doozey’s mother-in-law Louisa, who is going through a tough spot, in your thoughts as well as Doozy’s wife (only child of a single mom).

YHC’s mother-in-law is doing better, probably never going to be great, but she will take it.


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  1. Great work today, fellas. Never an easy day at Batteau.

    Hope that ankle continues to improve, Swirly.