Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

GridIron Regulars succumb to Valentines Day, but Others pick up their Slack


Seven of the faithful (but not so many “regulars”) posted on Feb 15 at GridIron. Johnsonville had volunteered as Q, and this is what went down, more or less.

COP warmup in rapid succession, including 40x SSH, arm circles, hillbillies, don quiotes, Alabama prom dates, supermans, susanne sommers, etc.

Grab 2 coupons each. Set down coupons in parking lot, pair up, and line up against the wall with partner.

Round 1 — First partner inverts on wall and does chicken peckers whilst other partner runs to coupons and does coupon burpees. Repeat 4x each.

Intermission — Native American run around parking lot, pausing at landsaping oval on far side. Plank on curb around said oval. Plank walk a complete revolution.

Round 2 — First partner does rotating wall planks whilst other parter runs to coupons and does 20 coupon curls.

Intermission — Same as above, but plank walk in the other direction.

Carry coupons onto near GridIron. Circle up for modified Jack Webb. 1 merkin on coupons, then do 2 of the following — (i) on knees, thrust coupons out directly forward at chest level; and (ii) on knees, thrust coupons up overhead. Do 2 and 4, then 3 and 6, then 4 and 8, etc. to 10 and 20.

20 burpees.

Carry coupons to the other endzone. Circle up for modified Jack Webb. 10 sit and press with single coupon, then 40 single-count American hammers with single coupon. Do 9 and 36, then 8 and 32, then 7 and 28, etc. to 1 and 4.

Native American run the length of the field, then back to the VSF. Plank until time ran out.

COT with Funny Car taking us out.

Welcome out to GridIron Deuce and Funy Car. Welcome back Greg. Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Jville


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