Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Bush is Deep; Watch your Step


8 PAX and 3 dogs started their work-week off with some miles through Tarrington, up the glorious Ashwell hill and through the BUSH and down TwinTeam. It was another glorious morning for a run.

Rosie was possessed this morning and left the pack before the end of the first mile. He took and extended detour into Powderham and then caught up to YHC, Honeymoon and P.O.G. for the finish down Twin Team and around the high school. Way to work, Rosie.

Honeymoon (and Annie), P.O.G. and YHC had a strong pace going, including up the long hill – not the nice Monday Mosey as would have been nice after yesterday’s 8-miler. Annie was having none of that. Way to put in the work fellas.

Limehouse logged an extra mile or so with a run to the AO and he and Doublemint cruised into the finish looking strong.

Great to see Wedding Singer out logging some miles. And, OC (and his two dogs) did their thing. Way to get out and work through that plantar faciitis, OC.

Great morning guys. Thanks for Posting.

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-Rama and YHC took us out.


  • Poker at OC’s house 2/22 – see him or the pre-blast for details
  • Lots of guys working through nagging injuries. Good reminder from OC to get a stretch in ever now and again and remember to recuperate and take care of the body!

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  1. Loved the OG route, but that Ashwell hill was a beast. Great to run with Limehouse this morning and chat in between gasps…

  2. Oops, sorry fellas. Stumbled upon this during a random search for overgrown bush.

    Nothing to add here…