Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Poker at OC’s – Feb. 22nd


All are welcome for some poker, drinks and fellowship at casa de Orange Crush on February 22nd. Let’s plan to start around 730/8. BYOB, but in you case you don’t make it to the store, I’ve got a fridge full of beers and you are welcome to mine. I’ll also have some chips, guac, salsa, etc. Text me for the address. Cell is eight zero four – eight three six – seven two five five.

I am not sure how to get this on the main page. Hopefully…that happens with the various tags that I put on it. Please pass on to those who may not see it.

Looking forward to it!


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  1. Hey OC! Thx for hosting bro – tried texting your number to get the address and got a message back saying “You have been blocked from originating messages to (your number)”… NOT COOL! …haha, looks like you need Wilson to help build an app to fix your text preferences…

  2. What?!? Not possible. I would not block DTH.

    Address is 14163 Grangewood Rd. Midlothian 23113