Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Outdoor / Indoor F3 workout or head for “The Hill”?


7 stout men showed up to see what the wet and wind swept Hill had in store for them this morning. This is what was found

Mosey to the front entrance cover of the Watkins ES for the COP

DQ’s, Helicopters, Cherry Pickers, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks and Kim Chi Twists

Mosey of towards Twin Team reverse-O back to the cover of Watkins ES. No Doozy Q is complete without Man Killers

Mosey to JRHS front entrance to find more cover and do a little Abdominal Dora

Partner up 100 LBC’s, 200 Heels to Heaven, 300 American Hammers Timer is a run to the light post and back

Mosey to the student side covered entrance Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear/Crab Walk (your choice) to each column together and do 10 of exercise called. PAX of seven each member gets called on to call off an exercise, No member is called twice no exercise is called twice. Burpies, Merkins, Boxing Cockroaches, Diamond Merkins, Jump Squats and Ball Dippers

Mosey to the Track / Football covered entrance

Divide up one group of 3 one group of 4, play a little game of pole touches

Partner 1 – Balls to the wall, Partner 2 – Wall Sits and Partner 3 – Touch light posts starting at 1 for the first round and go to 5. Time was called and the game was ended on the 3rd round. Balls to the wall for this game is no joke.

Note to self: remind PAX not to do Balls to the Wall immediately following a run

Mosey back to the flag via the swamp between JRHS and WES

Numbers/Names THC took us out


The night before as YHC was thinking of what pain could be brought to the PAX at Twin Team and as YHC was listening to the rain. YHC decided to abort what he really wanted to do which was Suicides on Twin Team and last minute decided to head for cover. Little did YHC know that the rain would somewhat stop and it would be 57 degrees at 5:30 AM in February. YHC decided to stick to the plan because the last time he deviated from his original flight plan there was talk of a Q mutiny. Well now YHC has 10 unused glow sticks that will be coming to an AO near you.


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  1. Great work this morning gentlemen, thank you for nobody passing out while doing a Balls to the wall after the run

  2. Nice Q Doozy! You had me all excited when we turned right toward “The Hill”…but then we turned back for the man killers and my hopes were dashed. Oh well…always next time.

    Have a great Friday fellas!