Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I Smell Bacon….


Seven gloom warriors pick-and-rolled their fartsacks and posted at the Forge, wondering what YHC would serve up for breakfast on this drizzly morning. How about a warm plate of The Nolan Richardson? Here’s how it tasted:

COP [prescribed in routine]– 20 Don Quixotes, 20 American Hammers

mosey to lower roundabout

Thang 1 [The Nolan Richardson] – pair up; PAX 1 Bernie Sanders 50 yards, completes a Bobby Hurley [squat and slap ground, then jump and shoot a phantom 3], and runs back; PAX 2 completing exercise of the round; switch and repeat until all prescribed reps are done:

150 burpees, 300 squats, 150 WWIIs, 300 Little Baby Arm Circles, 150 merkins, 300 Imperial Walkers

mosey to middle parking lot for

Thang 2 [Ascending Bear Crawls] – line up in a parking spot, bear crawl to opposite curb and complete 1 derkin. Bear crawl back and complete 2 derkins. Rinse and repeat to 6 rounds due to time constraints [exicon prescribes 13 rounds].

Mosey to flag, a/k/a the mountain bike DTH borrowed from Flange, for

COT – numberama, nameorama, YHC took us out.

NMMS: This one is also called “40 Minutes of Hell,” so named for the playing style Coach Richardson employed at Arkansas — the PAX crushed it in like 30, so YHC dug into the bag of tricks for Thang 2. There’s much to learn from what Coach Richardson accomplished and endured at Arkansas — he pushed boundaries, pushed buttons, and he pushed his kids to become the best versions of themselves. Way to push yourselves and each other this morning, gents.




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  1. As DTH noted, many in the PAX are dealing with family illnesses and other adversities — keep them in your prayers.


  2. Well done Doublemint! The Nolan Richardson had me beat…and then you went and made us do curb crawls.

    Great partnering with Flange this morning…you rocked it!

  3. That was Strong, Double Mint! I had a couple weeks off before this morning and that was quite the introduction to 45 minutes of Hell! I was hurting today…thanks for keeping me going, Tobit.

    Have a great night, Gents!