Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Around the Hills (Lockjaw turns 40 again)


Seven men pulled themselves from their beds and donned their rain gear for a weather radar morning.


Mosey to courts. SSH, Don Q, Squats, Werkins, Mountain Climbers

Mosey to corner of Commonwealth and Cary. Partner up.

Partner 1 run perimeter of school – Commonwealth to Grove to Westmoreland to Cary and back to start. Partner 2 complete 40 burpees. Switch.

Mosey to large soccer field corner. Partner 1 run around field in rectangle fashion, partner 2 complete 40 WWII sit ups. Switch.

Mosey to dirt track – partner 1 run track, partner 2 complete 40 derkins. switch.

Mosey to tennis court. Partner 1 run a suicide the width of all four courts, partner 2 complete 40 LBCs. Switch.

Mosey to side of school. Lindsays – dips and flutters.

Mosey to bars – complete 30 jerkins.

Mosey home – prom dates and pickle pounders.

First and foremost, condolences to Wild Thing in his loss. We’re here for you brother. Hardywood provided details and said some wonderful words on your behalf.

Great job gentlemen! YHC saw the Q open last night and decided to relive the Q from some 4 odd years ago when Toga contacted YHC to advise it was Lockjaw’s 40th birthday and therefore YHC should do something in his honor. Around the Hills was then fashioned for applicable use. Today’s workout was similar for much but slightly modified due to lack of evidence.

Approaching my own monumental birthday, it felt great to relive an oldie in YHC’s arsenal celebrating one of F3RVA’s finest – Lockjaw. Taper accordingly. The response from the PAX was very encouraging and appreciated. Just remember, no matter the age or the weather, it’s always sunny and seventy, and anyone can do pickle pounders with prom dates. Wait, that didn’t come out right. Disregard.


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  1. Awesome job Singer. Way to step up last night and claim the Q. It was a great one.

    I don’t know where everyone else was today as it wasn’t even really raining. A little sloppy but overall downright pleasant. TYA even wore a rain coat so no one had to touch his sweaty shirt during COT.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great job Singer !
    Enjoyed it fellas – way to work that was a good one !
    See y’all in the gloom…

  3. Heck of a Q Wedding Singer. Feels like we covered a ton of ground and it was all sprinting. Way to step up and who is this Lockjaw you keep mentioning. Is this that same dude that uses the word “taper” in the same way most people use hibernate or sabbatical?

  4. Great Q Wedding Singer. I’m just glad we started with the burpees. My garmin showed we ran about 2.2 miles.