Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And then there were 2


Two humble warriors arrived in a small clown car to find no other PAX have arrived. Hermie made the call to go get coffee (jokingly) and we contemplated our need to work out in the falling rain. At 5:30 sharp we left the comforts of the car and Mosied on over to light pole alley.

We alternated exercises for the COP

SSH’sx20, DQ’sx10, Jazzercisex10, Hellicopterx10, arm circlesx15 plus reverso, Imperial walkersx10, Russian soldiersx10, Chuck merkins x15,

Mosey to the track for the Thang:

4 corners on the track first 3 rounds consisted of Merkinsx15, copper head squats x15, 10 front kicks per leg, 10 jab uppercut combos’s per side. 2nd round add 5, 3rd round add another 5 to each corner.

Round 4 and 5 change exercises to: 5 burpees corner 1, audible to bleachers for 20 dips, 60 second plank and 20 more dips, run to corner, lunge from 2-3, BS to 4 for 20 LBC’s. Repeato but added incline merkins and step ups to bleacher work.

At this point 1 other car arrived in parking lot and my thought was they are stealing my car so off to the tennis courts we went. Tennis court 4 corners, start 5 add 5 each corner merkins, monkey humpers and LBC. Time was called and Hermie took us out inside my car.

I am pretty sure the details are correct here but it was a tree falling in the woods with no one to hear? Thanks Hermie for pushing me this AM, 2 people can have a nice workout. At one point I called out a 16 count exercise a la DTH but it was to difficult for the PAX to accomplish.


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