Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

“SLACK” Works


Thanks to the F3RVA SLACK App, YHC was not alone this morning. With a few “Workout with no Name” Regulars hitting other AO’s for the Winter Tour, YHC thought he may be solo this morning. Yesterday, HoneyDo, Wojo and EF Hutton posted on the Tuckahoe channel of the Slack app to let YHC know that they were not going to be at the Early workout this morning. Well, never fear, Lockjaw and Handshake saw the messages on SLACK and decided to not let YHC be alone this morning. Thank You! Also, Sandy, who is not on the Slack app, posted and looks to be a regular at the Early workout. Well Done, all!

After Lockjaw finds us:


Arm Circles x 15 Forward and Backward

DQ’s x 10

Imperial Walkers x 15

Jazzercises x 10

LBC’s x 20

Crab Cakes x 10

Merkins x 10

TRIANGLE (River, Ridge, South Westham):

Bear Crawl down River Road shoulder, 10 Hand Release Merkins

Run down S. Ridge Road, 20 WWII’s

Bernie Sanders back up S. Westham to River, 30 Monkey Humpers

Al Gore

Mosey to church parking lot for:


100 x Merkins

200 x 2-ct Flutter Kicks

300 x SSH’s

Timer runs the parking lot


Partner up with a different partner at the dumpster wall for:

Partner Touch-A-Tree

Partner 1 holds Balls to the Wall while partner 2 runs and touches 3 trees. Switch up and repeat.

Partner 1 hold People’s Chair while Partner 2 runs and touches 4 trees. Swicth up and repeat.

Partner 1 performs Donkey Kicks while Partner 2 runs and touches 5 trees. Switch up and repeat.

Quad Check:

Partner’s 1 and 2 are perfroming PLT’s

Partner 3 is performing Reverse Crunches(Round 1), Squats(Round 2), Lt. Dan’s(Round 3)

Partner 4 is running the parking lot

3 Rounds

Partner up and perform 10 Boo-Yah Merkins

Mosey back to the flag, performing a Burpee at each Speed Bump

25 x Rosalita’s to finish up.

Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and YHC took us out!


Great work this morning, Men! Way to post right after having a bout of bronchitis, Handshake. Lockjaw and YHC haven’t crossed paths in a LONG time, so it was nice to see him in the gloom again. Way to post again at 5am, Sandy. Hope you become a regular.

It’s funny how little things work out. YHC was planning on going to workout in the UR amphitheater this morning which requires a 1 mile run to and from. After Handshake pulled in, he told YHC about the bronchitis and that he hoped there would not be much running. YHC changes his mind about the amphitheater to accommodate a Bronchial Handshake. Instead we did COP in our usual spot. Lockjaw was a couple minutes late. If we had run to the amphitheater, Lockjaw would have never found us. It all worked out.

Thanks for joining YHC this morning, Gents, and have a great day!



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  1. The slack channel definitely brought me in. I didn’t want anyone to post alone.

    When I pulled in hot, I didn’t see anyone at the AO. All was quiet at that hour. I am glad the Pax responded to my owl call alerting me to their location.

  2. I was glad to be there this morning. I was hoping for a low-run workout this morning. It would have been ironic if we had ended up doing a mile run each way. I’m glad Slack showed it’s full value and we could heed your call!