Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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A Surly Seventeen arrived at the UR Commons on what felt like a cool spring morning. Here were the routes that were (mostly) followed…

4 Mile: Robbins Parking lot to Lakewood. Lakewood to Westham. South on Westham then right on University. Take University across Ridge Road then take first left at Gaymont. Gaymont to River then downo South Ridge. Take Westham Station to shopping center then UR entrance, etc.

5 Mile: Robbins Parking lot to University to Westham. Take fork to the right then cross to Sunset. Take Sunset across Ridge to (Ma)Holmes. Take Holmes to Ziontown. Ziontown to Ralston, then first left to University. Take right on Gaymont then (see above).

6 Mile: Robbins Lot to Lakewood, Lakewood to Wood then Waveny. Left on Westham. Right on Lindsay, left on Forest, right on Ridge, then left on Ziontown then (see 5 miler).

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Beautiful morning !
    Great run EF. enjoyed it buddy !
    See y’all in the gloom ..

  2. Great route Saab. I love big loops and there were a few less common roads thrown in there. I especially enjoyed Wood as we don’t travel up that way much.

    The legs felt like lead today but the chatter with Sippy and Marv made the miles breeze right by. I agree with BT that you push yourself harder while running in a group. Plus it is much more enjoyable than running solo.

    As Saab proved today, directions at Spider Run don’t have to be hard. Sign up to lead and take us wherever you desire!

  3. Great route this morning SAAB, I agree with Splinter that running in a group helps as my group was BT, Shakedown, Posh and Hitchhiker. Great pace and love the loop vs. backtracking. We all pulled and pushed each other. I may make this the routine after a Punisher workout the evening before. Had a great chat with Marv on the way back to cars… Have a great day gents….CB

  4. Enjoyed the route Saab.

    Sidenote, be careful Spider Runners. There have been 2 confirmed cases of rabid raccoons in the Tuckahoe area, the first in my old neighborhood north of Patterson, just east of Forest. The second was on University directly on our route to Mt. Henrico.

  5. I have also smelled the not-so-subtle at times aroma of a skunk around my neighborhood while walking in the evenings. Be on the lookout for our mohawk’d friends as well.

    Or it was just Marv’s shoes he finally disposed of, in my neighborhood.

  6. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Great backblast Saab. Especially the title. I still think that you and Splinter are vying for the most complicated directions on a run in all of F3.

  7. Maybe so, but who does a better job explaining those complicated directions. This guy, right here.