Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Too old for real boot camp


7 men showed up on a chilly Friday morning to finish the work week strong.

  • COP
    • Parking lot tracers
    • SSH x 20
    • Imperial Walkers x 10
    • Don Quixotes x 10
    • Russian Soldiers x 10
    • LBCs x 15
    • HRMs x 15
    • Lunges x 10
  • Modified 11s
    • Partner up, each partner starts on the inside of a parking lot island and facing each other.
    • Each partner will do a WWII situp with a squat on the parking lot island curb then bearcrawl to meet each other in the middle for buyah ‘merkins.
  • Burpees Ladder at the basketball court
    • Start with 10 burpees, 10 2-count mountain climbers and 10 LBCs, then run to opposite end of basketball court and back.
    • Repeat with 9,8,7…all the way to 1.
  • Mini Dora (YHC did not think there was enough time for a full Dora, looking back there enough time)
    • 25 dips on the playground perimeter logs
    • 50 Squats
    • 100 2-count flutter kicks
    • Partner 1 runs to the big tree and back while partner 2 does the exercise. Then switch off.
  • The PAX moved fast so YHC had to improvise. Back to the basketball court for 2 rounds of suicides.
  • With 1 minute left, the PAX completed a Reign of Fire with 5 ‘merkins of your choice while the remaining PAX held plank.

YHC had to dig deep into my Marine Corps boot camp memories for the modified 11s. YHC decided I’m too old for duck walks so I modified to bear crawls. The PAX worked hard, thank you for letting me lead. Corned Beef took us out.

It is with a heavy heart I post this BB today. I found out last night Wild Thing’s M passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with Wild Thing and his family.


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