Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Shakira has nothin on Swirly!


The Batteau gloom accepted resumes from seven wanna-be Shakira back-up dancers this morning. Wearing a hot pink leopard print spandex g-string unitard, Flatline stole the show, but despite great efforts by all to flawlessly pull off the following routines, they were saddened to learn the absentee Hardywood had already won the coveted position with a mail-in VHS shakeweight snuff film produced by his side-kick Houdini (…or is he gonna stick with Snuff…?). 


Moseyrama around Stone House a couple times then stop for COP #1:

  • Clock Lunges x2 Rounds IC
  • The Opus x10 IC
  • Dying Quixotes x10 IC (DQ’s on your Six)
  • Oblique Crunch x10 Each Side IC
  • DTH’s x10 IC
  • Surfer Merkins x10 OYO (Jump 360 degrees, drop for merkin, recover)

Mosey to the Grassy Hills for COP #2:

  • Booyah Merkin Ladder – Partner up, complete 10 Booyah Merkins, P1 runs access valley & back while P2 remains for Marionettes, complete 9 Booyah Merkins, P2 runs & P1 remains, etc. down to 1 Booyah Merkin. BOOYAH! 

Mosey down to Lake for COP #3

  • Stop at trail wall for x20 Dips IC and x10 Incline Merkins IC
  • En route, Bataan Death March – Indian style, PAX lunge while last man Burpees x3
  • Once at lake, start DMC Mosey – Stop at each light post, alternating x10 reps of Diamond Merkins, x15 Merkins, x20 CDD’s 
  • ABC’s in the Bowl for the SIX

Mosey BTTF for COP #4:

  • Plank Compass – feet remain while hands plank walk X degrees in whichever direction Q calls, plus x5 merkins between each new direction
  • Rosalita Whip x10 IC
  • APD’s x20 IC
  • Hands-up High Flutters x20 IC
  • Hands-under-tail Low Flutters x20 IC
  • Freddie M’s x20 IC
  • Wilson’s Stretch
  • Plank & drop to hold 3” …x3 sets of counting down 10-1


  • Counterama # 7
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • DRAPER took us out in Prayer


  • Good times as always with the Batteau boys, and awesome having Flatty back in the gloom! Had the workout all ready for my inadvertent fartsacking last Monday, so felt right making up for it this week. Good positive feedback on the all-new-DTH-original “Dying Quixotes” …YHC will keep them included with future Q’s. Glad to have Draper with me this week to complete a standard version Corporate Challenge. Thanks for leading us out in prayer today bro!

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  1. – Save the Date – OC hosting F3 Poker Night on Sat, 2/22
    – DTH has the F3 shirts, and you can claim yours any day this week if you post to the following: Tue HBR, Wed, SOT, Thur FORGE, Fri CREEK, Sat Dogpile AND GridIron, and Sun DIRT CHURCH.

  2. Good Q Dr. TryHard. Boys, 2 weeks out of the gloom sucked. Super to get the week start off right. Dying Quixotes is great. Way to work this morning men. Be super this week.

  3. Thanks for taking us on a walkabout this morning. I had not seen the pond from that direction before.

  4. Check with the Q from Snuff/Houdini first post. Q sets the name and can always change the name.

    Hemorrhoid remains available.