Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

World’s Worst Coupon


35 warriors rose to greet the dawn of a new day. According to legend and Besty on Nextdoor, it went a little something like this.

Mosey to far circle

COP: Nacy Kerrigan X 20, HRM X 10, HRM RL X 10, HRM LL X 10, WWII X 10, AH X 10, Leg Up Arm Cicle X 10, Squats X 10, Lunge X 20, Arm Circle X 1

Mosey to get coupons and then back to main field

BUILD A BURPEE BEAST REVERSO: This looked good on paper. Stay with me here, you’ll probably want to get your medication first. You know what a beast is (6 rounds of 6 exercises going to the 25 yard line, 50 yard line, 75 yard line, end zone, back to 75 yard line, 50 yard line, 25 yard line, back to start. YHC attempted some version of a building beast reverso. The effort was great, the execution was meh. It felt alot like all those years when the Bills kept losing Super Bowl after Super Bowl.

Round 1: 25 yard line for 6 Sit Up Presses (SUP) then run back to start.

Round 2: 25 yard line for SUP, 50 for 6 SUP 6 merkins with left hand (MLH)on coupon, back to 25 for 6 SUP

Round 3: 25 yard line for SUP, 50 for 6 SUP 6 merkins with left hand (MLH)on coupon, 75 yard line 6 SUP, 6 MLH, 6 merkin right hand (MRH), back to 25 for 6 SUP, 50 for 6 SUP 6 merkins with left hand (MLH)on coupon, 25 yard line for SUP

Round 4: Hold on to your hats, this is the part where the sausage gets made. Stay with YHC here.

  • 25, 50, 75, to end back to 75, then again to the end and back to the 75, 50, 20, back to start. The exercise added was squats. Even people who are professional gerrymanderers think this was stupid.

Round 5: An audible was made, removing the back and forth nonsense of the last round. This time

  • 25, 50, 75, to the end and back to 75, 50 and back to start for 5 exercise stops total. Added 2 count American Hammers

Round 6: Straight up burpees, bonus points for using coupons.

Mosey back to stage and put up coupons.

Head to the bottom of the Valley of Doubt and partner up.


Partner up. On partner starting at the bottom begins to crawl bear with the destination being the gates at the top of the hill. The other partner completes 3 burpees and runs to the crawl bear partner. They switch, with one partner running back down to the bottom of The Valley Of Doubt to complete their 3 burpees. Repeat this cycle until team reaches the gates at the top.

Mosey back to the flag. Numberama, namerama and the Meg Ryan of the Southside, Mr. DTH himself led us out.

News: Keep Nancy Lopez and Aisle Five in your thoughts and prayers.

Shoe Donation: Bring YHC your LIGHTLY used shoes and be sure to check out the great work that Shood is doing here in town. https://www.shood.org/

Make it a great one fellas!


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  1. Never disappointing, Hardywood. Solid Q. Added benefit with a nice morning in the slop. I guess Nancy Kerrigan is a real thing.

    Shackleton…sheesh. Way to go, Rosie.

  2. Great Q as always Hardywood. Maybe one of these Saturdays we will not do coupons. Enjoyed partnering with EF Hutton for Crawl Bears!

    Have a great weekend fellas!

  3. Hardywood, great build a beast this morning in the mud bowl with the slippery conditions it made all the exercises just that much tougher. Probably the muddiest I have been and you wasted no time getting us in the pool with hand release merkins and flutter kicks at COP we were presoaked for the main event. Gomer Pile nice partnering with you this morning crawl bear up the hill is no joke. Glad I made it to this concert! Great workout Hardywood…cheers(with a Truly)….CB

  4. Great beatdown Hwood! I’ll bet the Pure Reverso would have worked without the dang coupons confounding everything. After all the SUP’s, I’d never felt more relieved to hear good old Burpees get called.