Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Everyone is the Q


5 Super Bowl ready warriors showed up to Twin Team this morning. The Q sheet had WOJO until about 2 days ago and then went blank. With no Q the hot potato was called.

COP – Doozy

Mosey to the basketball court for various exercises DQs, Helicopters, Hillbillies, LBCs, Kimchi Twists or Windshield Wipers and Merkins

Four Corners – (10) Merkins, (20) Monkey Humpers, (30) Plank Jacks, (40) American Hammers

Tobit – Stay at the court start with 2 burpies run to first BB goal WWII back to start for next assignment. Basically a modified Prostitute with Burpies, WWII, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins, Hello Dollies and American Hammer.

Loose Goose – Triple Check with 5 don’t let the math wiz mess it up. Partner 1 WWII, Partner 2 Wall sits low as you can go and Partner 3 run

Mouse Trap – Some issues with creativity and being put on the spot as Q (20) Mountain Climbers run to the other side (20) Something I can’t remember

PeeDee – Back toward flag stopping along the way to do some excises. Circle up at the flag for a Mary

Numbers/Names YHC took us out

I’m running out of time and have to go to a job sight, no real NMS today feel free to add your thoughts below. Sorry if I missed a few things.


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  1. DAMN, I missed a Sugar Sock sighting? Love the rest of you guys too (and sorry to miss you also), but I haven’t seen SS in FOREVER.

    Great work fellas.

  2. Yeah…it would’ve been a Sugar Sock sighting if Loose Goose and Sugar Sock are the same person. Sounds like Doozy had SS on the brain.

  3. Thanks for writing up the BB Doozy! Enjoyed the hot potato this morning.

    Have a great Friday fellas!

  4. Sorry Loose Goose I was in a hurry to get the BB done that’s why when I’m the Q I usually get my phone out.