Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dora learns to count by 20’s


6 dudes showed up today to take on the day the right way.

Arrive almost late, Run off in a hurry, realize the wallet is still in the pocket, run back to car to drop off, do COP back where we started.

COP — SSH, plank jack merkins, IJR, jack squats, Hackey Sackers, layout bicycles, butt kickers, Alternating Shoulder Tap Merkins, Smurf Jacks, DQ’s, The Opuses (or is it Opi)

Mosey to the bottom of grassy hill for a triple check
bernie up hill, run back down
stump merkins
the Opus

run to the playground for a different type of dora
whilst partner runs to soccer goal and back, other partner is completing
20 jump squat pull ups
40 burpees
60 ww1 situps
80 merkins
100 SSH

with last few minutes, we moved to the soccer field — do 10 lunges then sprint to the end and back

Numbers, Names, Announcements

NMS — Thanks to DTH for inspiring this workout with his ever new ideas for cool exercises and combos that challenge the body and mind. The PAX rocked it today despite the cold hands and the new unusual exercises. Peace!



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