Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

All you Hitch


10 studs posted this morning for Mary and here is how it went down. Two dudes walked . One nursing an injury the other not leaving a man on his own. The other 8 attacked Mary. We thought it was 7 but Flipper appeared out of nowhere as Hardywood was talking to the pax about Flash being the best chiropractor he’d ever seen 🙂

Warm ups : 10 burppees – windmills, helicopters, Iw’s RS’s plank.

Incline merkins while one does 7 pull ups at the rings and switch – 3 sets

Mossy – Decline merkins – 3 sets of 10 – regular, close grip, wide grip .

Mossy – Dips 3 sets of 10

Mossy – pax plank – one does 5 chin ups – switch – 3 sets

Tennis Courts : Bernie Saunders to end of each court then burpee up to 4 – run back ladder down 4-1 – 3 sets .

Triple Check : run to fence – 10 mountain climbers – exercises WW2’s and 6 inches.

Native American run back to the flag.

Ring of Fire – 10 hand release merkins.

Great job guys – thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning. Enjoyed the work and the mumble chatter. Hitchhiker mentioned as we were wrapping up we should pray for folks in China. When your in a meeting with Swirly and you offer a suggestion /excellent idea – be prepared to carry the ball – and remember – it’s not about how many times you get the ball – it’s what you do with the ball when you get it ! All you Hitch Well done brother – great prayer – thanks for stepping up and taking us out this morning .


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  1. Great Q today Swirly. Hitchiker, you are the man. Thanks for taking us out and for simply being yourself. Have a great Thursday fellas

  2. Swirly, I didn’t see that coming. Thanks for the opportunity to pray! Thank all of you for accepting me as I am.