Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

ManU Mission


Seven gloom warriors posted to the Source of Truth this morning to free themselves from the bonds of sloth, indolence and excess adipose tissue. Here’s how it went:

COP – Imperial Walkers x 20, Russian Soldiers x 20, Don Quixotes (muy rapido!) x 10, Cherry Pickers x 15, Freddie Mercuries x 20, Rosalitas x 20; recover and mosey to the lower parking lot.

Thang 1 – Parking Lot Ladders: bear crawl one parking spot, then 25 squats; bear crawl two spots, then 20 squats, etc. and end with bear crawl 5 spots, then 5 squats. Repeato with crabwalks and side straddle hops. Re-repeato with lunges and mountain climbers.

Mosey to the football field – trip over the chain (optional — the rest of the PAX opted out..)

Thang 2 – Modified Manchester United Fitness Test: The real deal is described here and it looks like a suck fest, so YHC thought it would be perfect for the PAX. Modified as follows: partner up and Partner A does 100 yard sprint and 100 yard recovery pace run back while Partner B does flutter kicks. Swap and repeat. Round 2, Partner A runs down and back while Partner B does Carolina Dry Docks. Swap and repeat. Round 3 is running and back to flutter kicks, etc. Total of 10 rounds.

Back to the flag for COT, and Stumpjumper took us out.

NMMS: Please keep Sir Topham Hat and his family in your prayers. His brother-in-law recently passed after a battle with cancer, And he is in town for the funeral. Speaking from personal experience, the fellowship of the PAX is a source of strength and comfort in those times that seem the darkest. Pax vobiscum? Absolutely….


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  1. Strong work this morning, gents. Safe travels to Stumpjumper as he rambles on this morning.


  2. Nice flesh wound DM. Way to take that bullet so the rest of the PAX could avoid it!

    The Man U test looks brutal…and absolutely perfect for as River Run speed workout at the Swamp one Monday morning soon…just sayin

    Great work gents.

  3. Great Q Doublemint! Had no idea your trip over the chain caused that much damage…you took it like a champ.

    Nice partnering with you for the ManU fitness test! That was pretty brutal…but you killed it.

  4. You guys crushed it today; love that everyone embraced the notion of “flutter kicks = rest”.

  5. You never fell that gracefully coming out of the port-o-john during any of the early risers trail runs.