Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Glenbrooke Circle


Seventeen scintillating scalawags waited for instructions this morning, and then they came. Summit was the call, trying to resurrect a route from a few months back with some modifications. See above for the pic of the 6 mile route.

– head west, across the bridge, down the gravel path and across to University
– University to left on Ralston
– Right on River, staying on the sidewalk
– Right on E Glenbrooke Circle
– Left on W Glenbrook Circle
– Right on Summit to the top
– 4s return the same route (closer to 4.3)
– 5s take a right at the bottom of Summit to continue on Glenbrook and complete the loop
– 6s follow the 5s but then take a left on Twin Lake (not Twin Team)
– Twin Lake turns to Melwood. Left on Charnwood.
– Say hey to Honeydo then left on Shadow
– Left on Twin Lake
– Right on Twin Lake
– Left on Glenbrooke circle, compete the loop then head back home

Plenty of just in time arrivals today, enough that many missed instructions. There were enough there to hear the 4/5/6 route that it was left a surprise to others.

Plenty of hills out there today boys. Hills and darkness. The world can be a beautiful place when not distracted by our creations.

– Wedding Singer created a write in candidate for best group for the Monument 10k. If you sign up, add yourself to the F3RVA group
– Healing place is meeting at 730 after dogpile for 3 miles this week. See TYA for inspiration.

YHC fumbled through the prayer today. Apologies to all but my thoughts weren’t clear today. Next time.

Oh, and read Marv’s backblast from last Friday. Casting call for lead roles in the made for TV version will begin next week.

See ya.

– Splinter



  1. Terrific route today, Splinter. It has been awhile since we ventured that deep into the county. Appreciate the Sippy/Faceplant yell backs to my trailing carcass on when to turn right and when to turn left. Go Rams tonight, boys!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great route Splinter !
    Enjoyed the run EF. Hutton – excellent conversation with TYA on the way back in to campus 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom..
    Go Spiders !

  3. Enjoyed the route Splinter! Nice to run with Offshore, Shakedown and Lug Nut. If we got lost at least we were lost together ???‍♂️ (Always listen to Lug Nut)

  4. You know what also has been a while, since you commented on a backblast. Thank you for your support!

  5. I need to be alerted Nex time the Glenbrook loop is called, this goes past my house and In-laws house. Missed it both times so far.