Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We are not stopping at the flag?


Six strong gloom warriors braved the sunny and 72 degree temperatures at Timberwolf. YHC pulled in at 5:26 and before I knew it the time was 5:29 and time to jump out of the warm confines of my car and go. I was armed with a few new (to me) exercises.


Run to the bus loop(where there was plenty of light. Exercises: 10 DQ’s, 20 Imperial walkers, 20 Russian Soldiers, 10 Jazzercise, 21’s (group counts out loud to 5 then silently to 21, PAX stops at 21 in unison or does 5 burpees then restarts). We did 2 sets thanks to PeeDee thinking we were going to 25 (Although according to mumble chatter behind me we should have done another). Merkins 20, LBC’s 20, Hello Dollies 20. Recover

The Thang:

Light pole alley. 1st pole 4×4’s (burpee with 4 pushups and 4 dbl count mountain climbers) Rest 20 of each: 2nd Merkins, 3rd CH squats, 4th WWII’s, 5th Carolina Drydocks, 6th Lunges, 7th Flutter kicks. PAX alternates between AG’s and Plank for the six. I am pretty sure I am missing 3 rounds, it seems to me there are at least 10 poles, it was cold and it is now late so give me a break. YHC then called the mosey toward the flag but not stopping at the flag which was of the apparent thought of the PAX. Mosey to front picnic table. 3×10 dips, 2×10 incline press, 1×10 decline press. Back to the flag it was miller time.

Announcements none, YHC took us out. It is an honor and a pleasure to lead. Thank to this PAX and all PAX, F3 has truly changed my life for the better. Cheers!


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  1. A lot of pushing each other which I appreciate. While POG was leading most the runs, lug nut out sprinted him on a few of the first couple. Then oyster comes out of now where in the middle. Then here comes PeeDee blowing by all on the last (5 yds) haha. With this group it always feels 72. Thanks all.