Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hitting The Rim Around Mary


A magnificent 10 took a tour of the neatly trimmed landscapes outside the perimeter of Mary Munford. This is what transpired, more or less:

Run to Windsor Farms with intermittent stops for Merkins and WWII’s

Red Barshetta: Run out and back 4 times with stop for each of the following: 100 M-Climbers, 75 LBC’s, 50 Hello Dollies (Esther Williams Style), 25 Merkins

Field near Baptist church: Lindsays….30/10. Flutter Kicks and Hello Dollies

Run to next church…Box Cutters and Merkins along the way

Crawl across and back parking lot: Alternating Bear Crawls, Crawl Bears, Crab Walks along the way.

Catch me if you can: Partner runs backwards while other partner does 5 merkins…catch and swap.

Run Bank to flag, with several stops for Merkins and WWII’s along the way.


YHC was informed that this was a keep-checking-the-time workout. Either because the PAX was bored or wishing it would just end early.

Esther Williams on the back of the TV guide…nostalgia.

Best wishes to Upchuck’s mother in law who is dealing with a serious heal issue and prognosis.

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