Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Does Kimchi mean Sh!t?


8 cold but otherwise well conditioned men arrived and eagerly gathered in the gloom at Hoedown this morning.


DQ’s, Helicopters, Cherry Pickers, flutter kicks and Kimchi twists

Mosey to the teacher parking lot for Man killers

Mosey to the ADA compliant sidewalk – as usual YHC was trying to make things up on the fly and failed. YHC decided to try to use the hand rails jumping from side to side but quickly realized the drop off on the outside could really get someone hurt, switch to dips.

Mosey to the court for four corners.

10 – Merkins, 20 – WWII, 30 – Plank Jacks, 40 – Squats

Mosey around to the bottom parking lot

11’s start with 10 – Merkins Bernie sanders across the parking lot up the small hill 1 – Monkey Humpers

Mosey to the lower parking lot arrows follow them around in a Crab walk stopping at each arrow with 3 Merkins

Mosey to side of lower Parking lot and partner up partner 1 – WWII partner 2 – run the length of the parking lot and back (X3)

YHC wanted to use the small hill again and there was time left on the clock so 11’s on the hill. At the bottom 10 – Decline merkins at the top 1 – Inline merkin so on and so forth

Back to the flag – 2 minutes still on the clock finish out with some American Hammers

Number/Names YHC took us out


When YHC was in the Navy on of his good friends would always say that “we are in deep Kimchi” whenever things got heated. YHC never asked what Kimchi meant but assumed it meant shit. YHC decided to ask Hitch Hiker what it really meant, Hitchhiker informed YHC that it actually is a way to make cabbage. However Cabbage twists does not sound as menacing as Shit Twists, so you do you and call them as you see them.


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