Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s cold, let’s geaux!


7 hardy and foolish souls appeared bit by bit out of the gloom to partake of YHC’s second Q this week. This is our venture.

Mosey to basketball court area, 1 loop around and time for COP. 9 each of SSH, DQ, helicopters, Imperial walkers and LBC’s. Mosey to end of field by the buses. Bear crawl 10 paces, do 10 merkins, lunge 10 paces, 20 2-count mountain climbers, bear crawl 10 paces, 30 reverse crunches, lunge 10 paces, 40 LBC’s, bear crawl 10 paces, 50 SSH, then count down until other end of field is reached.

Mosey to playground at back of school, Dora time, so partner up. Timer runs to end of building and back, partner works on 100 squats, 200 LBC’s and 300 shoulder taps. Once complete, Al Gore for the six, 10 count, then mosey back to basketball court area. Very fast 4 corners with 5 minutes left, lunge between corners, complete 1 merkin, 7 burpees, 9 jump squats, and finally 81 SSH. Run back to flag for 2 minutes of Mary including boat/canoes and flutter kicks. Numberama, namerama, Mudface took us out.


YHC is still riding high from LSU’s championship season, so started by marking off a football field, then teaming up for a Dora (cause it takes a team to win). The numbers on the four corners are the jersey numbers of players on LSU’s team that won, respectively, the Biletnikoff (best WR), Thorpe (best DB), and Heisman (best, period), awards, along with the TE, Thaddeus Moss.

Mumblechatter this morning was about how cold and wet it was, and several of the PAX inadvertently sat in freezing puddles on the field. The cold did keep the PAX moving, and they crushed the DORA. Great to see everyone out there, and hear even more quotes from Water Boy.

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing…


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  1. Nicely Done No Idea!
    Thanks for not mentioning the freezing puddles on the field were near the port-a-potty! Thanks for a great workout.