Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Heartbreak Monsoon


3 fools warriors escaped the dry, warm comforts of the fart sack for another edition of Heartbreak Ridge, this time with some added moisture. While it appeared a potential FNG sat safely in his Camry….. the clock struck 5:30 and the unnamed bystander did not flinch. The trio set off….. to the Bus Loop.


Mosey to the bus loop to bask in the temporary relief from Tuesday’s deluge.

SSHs, DQs, Russian Soldiers, “Cherry” Pickers, Tempo Copperhead Squats, Tempo Merkins, Arm Circles and reverso

The Thang

Exercise I – Greasy Poles

utilizing the bus extended bus loop steel awning, PAX moseys to the end of the run, stops at each pole (confirmed 21 count of poles) and performs 3 merkins, returns with one Lt. Dan at each stop.

Exercise II – 4 corners at a gas station

Mosey to the bus gas hub

25 HR Merkins, 25 Monkey Humpers, 25 Jump Squats, mosey back to the canopy for 25 reverse crunches

make sure to burn your gloves this evening.

Exercise III – Suicides

Run to each sign along the canopy and return to the start, there were 10 signs

Repeato with a burpee at each sign

Exercise IV – Triple Check

Return to the main parking lot

pace car – run to the opposite curb and return

member 2 – flutter kicks

member 3 – copperhead squats

Mosey back to the flag

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out

Reminders: Buy your F3 shirts (including hoodie options) by COB tomorrow. See DTH with any Qs.

Appreciate battling the elements this morning, Gentlemen. Felt like we wore weighted vests the second half of this am. Wonder if the rusty cage and heartbreak hill will have dried by next week?


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  1. Thanks for leading. Handshake and I wanted to make sure no Q left behind, or solo, in those elements.