Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hoedown East


Seven naturalists posted at Batteau for a scenic tour. They didn’t get it. Instead, they got this:

Camp Setup: Hill Billies x 20. Russian Soliders x 15. Helicopters x 10. Boat Holds x 10. WWIIs x 10. Scorpion Kicks x 10. Hello Dollies x 10.

Gone Fishin’: Crab Walk 11s with WWIIs and LBCs on the tennis court. Singles lines.

Meal Prep: Triple Check. Round One – Partner one traces the tennis court lines – out and back. Partner two Squats. Partner three Rosalitas. Round Two – tennis court lines / Merkins / LBCs. Round Three – (drawing a blank) / Elbow Plank.

Dinner Bell: Down to the Pit. Dips x 20 / Incline Merkins x 20 – then run to top of hill. Repeat x 3.

Whiskey and S’mores: Grab a curb. 5 Decline WG Merkins then lunge to opposing curb for 5 Incline WG Merkins. Repeat until the whiskey runs out.

Announcements: DTH is leading the iron on shirts campaign once again. If you want a shirt with your name on the back, or someone else’s, please order it by Wed. See preblast for the deets.

Bear Skin: Great to be back at Batteau. Haven’t been there since my foot went rogue. Always enjoy being with the Batteau stalwarts, and enjoyed having some of the Hoedown nudists join us today. Thankfully, they left their gear on today.


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great to have visitors this morning and great to have Vinny back on the Q sheet.
    Way to work guys.
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Nice Q Vinny, but we came for some Hot Potato action. Splinter sulked the whole drive home…
    He’s starting to get a complex.

  3. Don’t always believe Honeydo. I was prepared for a Vinny Q as I saw his name on the signup sheet.

    However, I was super excited to see the entire AO this morning.