Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You Will Eat My Rear Rockets


15 warriors entered the ring armed with nothing but a chair and reckless abandon. Local news outlets reports frost on the ground, but it was 70 and sunny at WDog. According to Mean Gene it went a little something like this.

Mosey to stage.

COP: SSH X 20, IW X 20, FC X 20, WWII X 20, Macho Man Merkins X 10 (ooooo yeah), Arm Circles X 1

Pickup cinder block coupons and mosey to circle

7 MINUTE ABS: Partner up. One partner runs to the Carillon Seal with coupon and completes 3 burpees. The other partner is waiting and dreaming for their arrival. To pass the time they are in elbow plank position with a cinder block on their back. Three rounds!

PADDY CAKE: Switch partners. Complete three rounds of the following:

  • 20 American Hammers with coupon
  • Mosey to opposite grass circle
  • 10 Boo Ya Decline Merkins, using the coupon to keep feet elevated

Mosey to return coupons and mosey to the stage at the amphitheater

ELEVATION GERMINATION: Three rounds of exercises. All starting at one end of the stage, working across to the other side and up the hill to the road.

  • Round #1 – Polar Bear
  • Round #2 – Crawl Bear
  • Round #3 – Polar bear across stage, at the base of the hill switch to Polar Crawl Bear. Ouch.

Mosey back to flag.

10 Should Tap Merkins IC

Numberama, namerama and the Sandra Bullock of F3RVA, our very own Dr. Try Hard led us out.


GORDON GARTRELL: Theo, The Olsen Twins and Dr. Try Hard….besides amazing bow hunting skills, do you know what they all have in common? They are all really into fashion. After popular demand DTH is sharing his fashion acumen and helping YOU get your very own customized F3RVA shirt.

WINTER TOUR WITH SUZY CHAPSTICK: Oyster has organized the Winter Tour of 2020. According to his Instagram feed, he’s really into ski ballet and Mechanicsville history. The 2020 F3RVA Winter Tour was simply his was to combine his two great loves. Support Oyster and join the tour.

F3 RVA SLACK CHANNEL: Honey Do has set up an F3RVA Slack channel . Topics include; Who is the hottest Golden Girl and the establishment of the Seal Team prevention hotline.

MOLESKIN: Thanks for coming out and making it happen to day fellas. You guys absolutely crushed it. YHC had been germinating on the possibilities of the steep hill by the stage for a few weeks. As DTH says, it looked good on paper. Expect the uphill crawl bears to make another appearance very soon.

BONUS BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Per previous posts, YHC had a book that found me at the right time. I couldn’t recommend Second Mountain by David Brooks enough. If you are just crazy enough to show up to these workouts, read these posts and do the hard work of growing yourself, then it’s for you. YHC found this passage relevant in my current mental state:

It’s one of the inescapable truisms of life: You have to lose yourself to find yourself, give yourself away to get everything back.”

Make it a great one fellas. Only those who post know. Dig a little deeper and get it all out.

Your pal,



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  1. Way to crush it fellas. Love the effort today and I could not thank you enough for tolerating bad jokes, random exercise names and my childish humor. Make it a great one fellas.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Great BB and Q Hardywood.
    Swirly’s Board – 1/8/20 Step up and be a difference maker !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Hardywood, awesome workout this morning as you never disappoint! The Hulkamania YT video a classic ( I watched the whole video and noticed how small the weight belt looks on Hogan….what a beast!). Reverse crawl bear uphill is no joke, neither were the coupons! Have a great day gents!…CB

  4. Fun fact: The Macho Man’s tiger print tassel fest is the matching top to Hardywood’s striped shorts.