Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Toll Exodus


“Exodus is not just describing a ragtag group of people wandering around in the desert. It is describing how resilient people are made. It’s an eternal story of spiritual and moral formation that happens again and again and again.” – David Brooks, Second Mountain

24 studs wandered together in the most manicured desert that Chesterfield County has to offer. Despite freezing temps in The Piedmont, it was 70 and sunny at No Toll. According to local legend it went a little something like this.

Mosey to parking lot.

COP: SSH X 20, IW X 20, Lunge X 20, WWII X 20, FC X 20, HRM X 20, Arm Circle X 1

Mosey to the Stepford fields.

RECTANGLE OF SUCCESS: Dividing the field into six stopping points including the four corners, two midway points and another back at the start. Pyramid merkins were on the agenda.

  • #1 10 Merkins
  • #2 20 Merkins
  • #3 30 Merkins
  • #4 40 Merkins
  • #5 30 Merkins
  • #6 20 Merkins
  • #7 10 Merkins

BUSHWACKERS: Partner up. One partner begins lunging the long way across the field. The other partner completes 10 Captain Thors. Once exercises are done, run to the lunging partner and switch. Lunges are to take place all the way to the end and back.

GRANDMAS SHAKEWEIGHT: Partner up. One partner begins to Crawl Bear long ways on the field. The other partner completes 8 Shoulder Tap Merkins. Once exercise is complete run to Crawl Bear partner and switch.

11s PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION: Elevens made themselves known. The exercises were burpees and copper head squats.

Mosey back to the flag. Numberma, namerma and the smooth and sultry voice that is Marmaduke led us out.


DTH SHIRTS: Let’s be honest, we all wanna be Dr. Try Hard. Now imagine you can do that without having to go to medical school, VMI or kill a deer. Now you can look the part! In three easy payments of $19.99 you can get with your own DTH Shirt, which you can buy here. It’s extra to get your own name on it. https://f3rva.org/2019/12/20/your-f3-name-shirt/

WINTER TOUR: The Grateful Dead, your weed smoking college roommate and F3RVA….do you know what they have in common? It’s not only a sweet hemp necklace or the ability to survive for days on acid and falafel. All of the above love a good tour. Oyster has organized the Winter Tour of 2020. Rumor has it he will be running the merch tent and an interactive sound forest.

OK BOOMER, I’M A SLACKER: Honey Do has set up an F3RVA Slack channel . He also sent out and email with some ground rules; the most important of which is no pics of TYA in his courtesy shorts. I don’t know who was taking those at BRR or how he got his ankle behind his head but the sharing of those and making memes about chicken legs and gonads has to stop. Excellent boundaries Honey Do.

MOLESKIN: Way to work today fellas! That many merkins and burpees would leave the wells of most men dry. Way to keep digging.

Your pal,



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  1. Fellas, you guys are the best. Thanks for showing up, being yourself and putting up a monster effort. Well done!

  2. Great Q. Not saying that I dropped to my knees during the Rectangle of Success, but my knees have not been colder all year. Also, the Premium 11s were no joke at the end of the workout. Well played, Hardywood…well played!

  3. Nice Q Hardywood, that was hardcore! That book sounds great, I’m gonna have to check it out. FYI for the shirts if you get the long sleeve shirt i think it’s only about $30….

  4. Bro, yer merkin me look good in the mirror. If you keep it up, we might make you a tassled banner for most merkins Q’d in a week. CSAUP what?

  5. Strong workout Hardywood. Always well worth the price of admission…and then some. Way to work fellas!