Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Chinese Moon Pie


Fourteen able bodied gentlemen gathered just in time for instructions to today’s edition of Spider Run. Moon Pie appeared just in time to hear instructions that made no sense. Regardless, off we went for a relatively error-free route that included:

The Route
4 milers – Head west towards the baseball field, up in front of the Robins Center and left on College. Right on Lakewood. Right on Wood. Left on Beechwood. Left on Westham. Cross River and head down South Ridge. Left on Westham Station and work your way back to the commons via the main entrance on River Road.

5 milers – same as 4s except add the down and back Ross after you cross over River.

6 milers – same as 4s except add the Cameron to Culpeper jug handle before heading down and back Ross. Also add Old Bridge to Highland on Westham Station.

Very few announcements then YHC took us out while making sure the seals heard our prayer.

Relatively uneventful Spider Run today. Very methodical execution from the PAX. Hitchhiker is building towards something as he ran from his house to Spider Run and then back. TClaps for seriously putting in the miles these days.

Six mile chatter centered around snow sports and the desire (or lack thereof) to participate. The steeds lost me on Highland and YHC was left with his thoughts the rest of the way.

Lug keeps pushing it too. He added Ross but didn’t quite see the bottom.

Swirly wore his favorite shirt but that didn’t keep him from getting temporarily misguided on Ross.

Welcome Moon Pie to his first Spider Run (YHC believes). Upon declaring his name during pre-run introductions, Hitchhiker came out of the blue and asked if Moon Pie had ever been to China. Stealing a line from the #daville regulars, “As usual, I have no idea what that means.”

Have a blessed day gentlemen. See you on Slack.




  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Atta baby Hitchiker – I see ya buddy !
    Hey thanks for noticing the BRR shirt that won’t die Splinter ..
    Beautiful morning for a run – way to work guys !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. I’ll take the blame for the errant left onto Culpepper off of Ross. Never hurts to go a little extra though. Keep it up Hitch.

  3. Splendid route Mr Splint. Also liked the audible on the jug handle to add a little.

    I too was left in the dust by Sippy…until he kindly stopped to speak with Bodos/Gomer. (Sorry for the confusion Bodos. You two will have to stop sharing outfits.)

  4. I was hurting today, but managed to limp in 5.2 miles with our wrong turn. Thanks for stopping to say hi Sippy!