Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You Don’t Have To Run To Be Cool


YHC was thankful to make it to another birthday so today’s theme was get to know YHC. One professional driver came in hot at 5:30 on the nose and then we were off, 11 strong.


  • 37 (27? 47?) SSH (was going for 37 but top notch mumblechatter made keeping track difficult for YHC)
  • 10 Jazzercise (favorite F3 exercise hands down)
  • 10 Collard Pickers (YHC is from the Collard Capital of the World, Ayden, NC)
  • 10 Hillbillies (self explanatory)
  • 10 Russian Soldiers
  • 10 Alabama Prom Dates
  • 10 Hello Dollies
  • 10 Rosalitas

The Thang

  • 2 Pack of Boberry Biscuits – 2 laps around the track, mosey on curves, sprint on straightaways, 10 burpees after each lap. Mosey to the field in the middle for
  • Beast of the East Carolina: YHC’s alma mater ECU was founded in 1907 so..
  • 19 squats
  • 7 Chuck Norris’
  • 19 Plank Jacks
  • 7 No Cheat Merkins
  • 19 American Hammers (somehow didn’t end on a 7… YHC did not major in math…).
  • New employer Starbuck’s mission statement boils down to “one cup at a time” so run around the school, indigenous people style, last person did 5 Merkins before passing the others
  • YHC is a tennis player so we stopped at tennis courts and did some Agassis:
  • Karaokes, high knees, ass kickers and running backwards
  • BTTF for a round of Mary (encouraging others to lead is favorite part of working in food service mgmt.)

Numberrama, Nameorama (YHC managed to forget age already)

Announcements etc

  • Prayers for Aisle 5 as he recovers from surgery


This has somehow been best and worst year of YHCs life at the same time. Thankful to have F3 to help sort through the morass of everyday life. You guys are awesome! Thanks for putting up with directions still being a bit of work in progress..


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  1. Boberry – you did great. If anything you became the master of working through some serious mumblechatter and questions. Well done! I am spent for sure! Counting to three gets easier………I promise! LOL

  2. Happy Birthday BoBerry. Keep up the themes and leading will get easier. Also, ala Marmaduke , excessive mumble chatter can be quickly dealt with by prescribing burpees. Or maybe now a BoBerry Biscuit

  3. Great to have you in F3, my friend. Love dragging you to ETs and Einstein’s.

    UpChuck’s top 3 guesses re: mumblechatter:

    1. Wilson hates the running we are doing,
    2. Wilson hates the running we just did,
    3. Wilson hates the running we will do.

  4. Thanks gents! Really appreciate it. UpChuck you are spot on, the name of the post comes is something Wilson said to me at least twice during the work out.