Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Delivering Joy


Six on two and one on four circled up for a Christmas Day beat down. Temps held steady at 70, and the joy in our hearts brought a bright shining light to the morning. According to Opie, this is more or less what happened:

Opie runs 20 feet in front of the PAX to the left. Cross the PAX route. Drop the ball. Run 30 feet to the right. Pick up a stick. Run back and cross the PAX. Continuously attempt to herd the PAX. Petting encouraged. Repeato AYG. At halftime, attempt to trip YHC. Repeato OYO until muscle failure or time is called.

All Other PAX recall this:

Mosey via the Long Route to the end of the Great Lawn, and then back to the center for:

SSHs x25
DQs x10
Hillbillies x15
LBC’s x25
Heels to Heaven x10
HRMs x10

Mosey to the Children’s Stage for: Deliver the Gifts

The PAX delivered all of the “gifts” (coupons) to various houses, only that would be weird, so they delivered the “gifts” to various trees, which is marginally less weird. Leave 4 gifts at each “house” for the “family” there. Just as the sleigh, reindeer, and Santa must move the “rest of the pile” to every subsequent house, the PAX moved the “rest of the pile” to each subsequent tree. AYG until coupons are delivered. At some point, break into groups of two in the interest of time. Santa does not do this.

PAX worked in SSH, Decline Merkins, and Rosalitas.

Mosey to the Circle for F3 Baseball.

Each PAX provides some input, either their favorite number of reps between 20 and 30 or their favorite exercise.

DTH: 24 reps
Mr. Holland: WWIIs
Hitchhiker: American Hammers
Slippin’ Jimmy: Wilson’s Dying Cockroach
EF Hutton: Monkey Humpers

PAX completed 2 rounds, and mostly completed 3 rounds, but ran outside the base path on the last part of the last loop. Umps ruled the PAX safe.

Return the Gifts:
Taking a page from the Wise Men, the PAX returned the “gifts” to the Children’s Stage by another route.

Mosey BTTF for Mary:

Flutter Kicks x25
Hello Dolly x5
Burpees x5
Freddie Mercury x25

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, Announcements

YHC started to take us out with a spoken rendition of Silent Night. Mr. Holland rocked the dawn and shortly had the PAX in full song. Well done, my friend. Excellent way to start Christmas.

YHC has a special intention for an ill family member and her husband. Tough times for them this year. Let’s hope she can beat this.

January 1…anyone organizing a Convergence?


Thanks to the PAX who were able to sneak away this morning. Ironically, this is probably the busiest morning of the year for most of the PAX. Merry Christmas to all. Peace on Earth – good will to all.


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  1. Thank you for joining and thank you for letting me lead. A pleasure to start Christmas with all of you.