Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We want Derkins


On a cold winter solistice morning, I decided to take a page out of other playbooks with a deck of cards and some challenging exercises for the seven sensational athletes that call themselves PAX.

COP: Run lap around parking lot, 25 SSHs, run lap, 25 invisible jump ropes, run lap, 10 DQs, run lap and 15 arm circles. Mosey to other corner of parking lot.

First Exercise: Pick card from deck. Spades are burpees, Diamonds are merkins, Hearts are 2 count flutter kicks and Clubs are heels to heaven. The first couple picks were high spades which made the PAX grumble a bit but the following picks were more evenly distributed. Mosey to pickleball courts.

Second Exercise: Pick a card. Spades are suicide bear crawls, Diamonds are plain old suicide runs, Hearts are lunges and clubs Bernie Sanders. The bear crawls were painful but for some reason the pax kept picking hearts so we did lots of lunges. Mosey to benches.

Third Exercise: Same premise as first exercise with spades as derkins, diamonds as dips, hearts as step ups and clubs as bench kickers. For some reasons the PAX liked to pick bench kickers but wanted to improve their pectorals by performing more derkins. It took a lot of cards to get a few derkins sets in; after that we moseyed back to the parking lot.

We finished with 25 2 count AHs, 25 2 count MCs and a merkin ring of fire.

Only announcement is on Monday after Punisher on North Side there is a happy hour planned. I enjoyed leading the PAX in the far west end and hopefully all PAX have a good Christmas. It was good to see Offshore come and reduce the average PAX age to 50.


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