Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

There are Other, More Interesting Parts of This AO


64 legs carried 32 of the faithful and four more made the PAX 66 feet strong to celebrate UpChuck Family Birthday Week. Temperatures held steady at 70. Skies were bright and sunny. According to the runner who tried to lure DTH’s dog into the metaphorical van, the PAX did the following:

Mosey to the Near Circle, but (wait for it) Turn LEFT to round the circle clockwise, loop back around the island of trees, and then circle up for:

Circle of Pain:

47 SSHs, By Request, Lawrence Welk-style (Happy birthday to UpChuck)
14 IWs (Happy birthday to UpChuck’s daughter, F3 Vers)
DQs x 10
Hello Dolly (Temporarily renamed Rosalita’s)
Rosalita’s x15 (Renamed Rosalita’s)
LBCs x20
HRMs x10

Mosey to the Outer Ring of the Near Circle for:

Bear crawl to manhole cover; crawl bear back to the outer curb.
Polar bear crawl to manhole cover; crawl bear polar (or crawl polar bear, or bear polar crawl or…just do it backwards already)
Partner up…wheelbarrow to the manhole cover, switch up, wheelbarrow back.

Circle Up for Seven of Diamonds:

Multiples of 7 exercises at each of four points. Increase reps by 7 each round up to 28 per round, then back down by 7 reps per round. 7 rounds total.

Hand-Release Merkins x7
Basic Squats x14
Reverse Crunches x21
Little Baby Crunches x28
Flutter Kicks (4-count) x21
Copperhead Squats x14
(At roughly this point, Bodo’s griped for the first time in his life, and out of pure astonishment, the YHC forgot to have the PAX do Hand Release Burpees in favor of Snow Angels. “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”)
Snow Angels x7 (The PAX subconsciously thanked Bodo’s).

Somewhere in here one PAX member was overheard to say,”At least do half the exercises.” Line of the day.

YHC thanks the PAX who led from the front: Swirly, DTH (YHC loves the No Faking It Merkins – or whatever those are called), and Hardywood (Master of the Arm Circle)…YHC apologizes for forgetting any other PAX who led.

Mosey to the Amphitheater for Stairway to Seven:

At the bottom of the Amphitheater, each PAX performs two exercises (burpees and inclined merkins), then runs to the top of the Amphitheater to perform WWII sit-ups.

1 rep of each exercise in round one. Increase by one rep each round, up to 7 reps in the last round.

Hardywood led enthusiastic flutter kicks, six inches, and 45 degrees for The Six.

Mosey Back to the Flag (BTTF).

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, Circle K took us out with a reminder about the true meaning of the season.


Ghost Flag to the City Dwellers. No place more appropriate. Carry it with Pride.

Christmas Morning Beatdown: 5:30 a.m. at DogPile.

December 30, Punisher, 6:00 p.m. Bring your A-game, and your government issued photo ID (and a few bucks). Linwood Holton Elementary. UpChuck has the Q.


Solid performance by the PAX today. Way to push.

Nice to have Flashdance and Fudd back with The PAX today. YHC thought Fudd was on the juice until YHC remembered that Fudd is a) a natural athlete, and b) living at 5,300 feet. That brother has some lung capacity now.

YHC’s travel is done for the year, and he’s ready for a break. Here’s hoping you all have some time free to spend relaxing with family and friends over the holidays.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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  1. Great job today upchuck. This was a great way to wrap up the year. Happy birthday to you and your 2.0. Remember if she give you attitude, let her know you went to Harvard. Boo ya!

  2. Enjoyed the Q Upchuck! HBD to you and the 2.0. Thanks to Hardywood for all the positive vibes and coming back for the 6!

  3. Great fun celebrating you and having so many brothers gathered for the holidays.
    NO CHEAT MERKINS: Hand-Release Merkin then Shoulder Taps – an 8-count DTH original that ensures you go all the way down and all the way up …no weak sauce cheatin! 🙂 SYITG