Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A New(ish) Holiday Tradition


A PAX of eight hit SOT this morning for the 2nd annual advent calendar beatdown. Here’s what went down:

Mosey to front of MMS.


SSH x 25

DQs x 12

Russian Soldiers x 12

Helicopters x 15

Advent Calendar:

At each door, perform exercise (x door number…doors 1-5 are exceptions)

Door 1: 1 dozen Crunchy Frogs

Door 2: 2 dozen Crunchy Frogs

Door 3: 3 dozen 2-count Flutter Kicks

Door 4: 4 dozen LBCs

Door 5: 5 dozen LBCs

Doors 6-10: Burpees

Doors 11-15: WWIIs

Doors 16-20: Donkey Kicks

Doors 21-22: 2-count American Hammers (in cadence)

Doors 23-24: Merkins

Run a lap around MMS.

Door 25: Jingle Balls (what a way to celebrate Christmas)

Christmas Victory Laps:

Mosey down to the track.

25 Alabama Prom Dates, run a lap

25 APDs, 25 Freddy Mercury’s, run a lap

25 APDs, 25 FMs, 25 Rosalitas, run a lap

Mosey back to the flag.

Numbers, Names, Announcements, Herme took us out.


Appreciate the PAX indulging YHC on another year of this workout. Hoping to make it a SOT holiday tradition. Rosie inspired YHC yesterday with his use of “1 dozen LBCs”…this trick came in handy with the lower numbered doors.

The PAX crushed it this morning…even the Jingle Balls (of which 25 may be too many). As is typical when YHC leads, one of PAX commented that they were expecting more running for a Tobit Q. And as always, YHC aims to please.

It happens every year, the holidays come and go in a blink of an eye. Many find this time of year stressful and hectic (and YHC admits…it can be). But if you take just a moment to step back from the craziness, you’ll encounter a peace that is difficult to attain any other time of year. And with F3, the gloom can really be a peaceful place.


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  1. Announcements:

    Winter Tour – Check out Oyster’s preblast

    BoBerry has joined Starbucks…so instead of free biscuits, he’s bringing the free coffee.

    Well done today fellas! Make it a good one!

  2. Nice work Tobit, the only thing I remember from last year was the Jingle Balls and they were not any better this year.

  3. Very sorry to miss this one. Knee was screaming after OTB, RiverRun and 12 Days. I will be there next year for sure.