Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Visuals, no audio


A PAX of four posted for Punisher. YHC arrived a couple of minutes late and found the crew completing a lap in the parking lot. We gathered briefly and moved into the grass near the parking lot and completed 25 x Imaginary Jump Ropes, 15 x Imperial Walkers, 15 x Don Quixotes, 15 x Helicopters, 15 x Russian Soldiers, 15 x Shoulder Taps, 10 x Suzanne Somers (each side), and 15 x Alabama Prom Dates.

Mosey west across Hermitage and along Laburnum, stopping at almost every streetlight (perhaps a dozen) for 16 Merkins per stop. Halted at the Rosedale Christmas Light display along Laburnum. The lights are great, but tuning a radio to a low-power temporary station enables musical accompaniment. YHC’s crank powered emergency radio now only works with continuous cranking – no good. Found and tried to use an old iPod mini with FM tuner – no good. Downloaded a radio app on mobile phone that offered the appearance of a radio tuner, but that didn’t actually tune in stations. Without FM, we observed silently for a few moments before moseying further west.

We headed into an office parking lot just past the Interstate for Twelve Days of Christmas – 1 rep of 1 exercise in a parking space, move to the next space and complete 2 reps of another exercise and the 1 rep of the first exercise – and so on. Sequence was 12 x LBCs, 11 x Flutter Kicks, 10 x SSHs, 9 x Pickle Pounders, 8 x Jump Squats, 7 x Hello Dollys, 6 x Rosalitas, 5 x APDs, 4 x Side Lunges, 3 x Close Grip Merkins, 2 x Crab Cakes, and 1 Burpee.

Return east on Laburnum. Three Monkey Humpers at each streetlight between the Interstate on ramp and the end of the Episcopal Church property. Mosey back to the lot. COT and YHC took us out.

Punisher with Pub time next Monday, 12/23. Be there. Thanks guys.


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  1. BONUS ROUND – Bucket family Christmas Tree purchase had not happened yet. Plan made to grab one after Punisher and grub. Trip to Mechanicsville to Willy’s Trees. An F3RVA brother was completing the same quest at the same location. Any guesses? Two hints, though – 1) Mechanicsville is his home territory, and 2) his name rhymes with Slab Vat.

  2. Thanks for showing us around the neighborhood CB! The video was great regardless of the audio challenges.