Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Coupons Are So Much Better Than Gift Cards


7 warriors fought the disease known as comfort this fine Monday morning. There was working to be done and according to legend it went a little something like this.

COP: SSH X 20, IW X 20, WWI X 20, FC X 20, HRM RL X 5, HRM LL X 5, HRM X 5, CS X 10, Arm Circle X 1

Pax mosey over to the coupon factory and pick a suitable steed. Mosey over to Spring Square.

Three Rounds of the following: 5 Decline Merkins with right hand on coupon, 5 Merkins with left hand on coupon, 5 regular Decline Merkins, 20 dips, run to top of hill with coupon and back to start.

Old School Barbell Club: Pax gather in circle with coupon. Each coupon has an exercise. At each coupon complete 20 reps. The exercises at the seven stations were as follows: arm curls, squats, dips, WWII, overhead press, merkins (and one other I can’t remember for the life of me).

Mosey down to the bottom of the hill and partner up. One partner runs to light post and back, other partner completes and exercise. The exercise changes after each partner completes a round. Exercises are bear crawl, crawl bear, lunges. Pax broke this up into 3 segments all the way back to Spring Square where our coupons were patiently waiting.

Grab coupons and mosey back to coupon factory. Along the way back there were overhead presses, arm extensions and merkins oh my.

After depositing coupons head back to the flag. There were three light posts between the location of the Pax and the flag. At the first light post complete 5 burpees, second light post 10 burpees, third light post 15 burpees.

Numberama, namerama, DTH led us out.

News: Here’s a fun fact these are the three best things about the holiday season; Christmas Vacation Movie, strategically placed mistletoe and Rosie’s Annual 12 Days of Christmas Workout at No Toll on 12/17.

Welcome Term Paper from Carpex! You crushed it today brotha and thanks for bringing it this morning.

Great job today fellas. Way to dig a little deeper and get it all out.


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