Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Oyster Day


Ill make this short, Oyster was Lifo, so the plan was hot potato, kick it to oyster, when he passes it, do 10 SSHs and pass it back to him. It backfired, he kicked the PAX butt with a ton of burpees, sprints, light pole alley, 4 corners, triple checks, and more burpees! Well done Oyster, he even took us out!!

Prayers for Honeymoon, Small procedure being done today.

Prayers for Wilson’s Wife – had Gal Bladder removed

Details coming from Oyster w Winter Tour!



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  1. Great work Oyster. Sorry to pick on you today but you crushed it. Who knows, maybe we’ll see your name on the Q sheet during this Winter Tour thing.

  2. Well done boys…just couldn’t escape the sack this frigid morning. Especially after HDHH last night.

    Way to shove it back in their face Oyster…now get on the Q sheet already…um, wait, forget that. No more burpees or sprints needed.

    What’s in the water out there in New Market with all these “procedures”. Hope all goes well today Honeymoon.