Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Kicking the day off right


11 strong PAX decided to brave the rain and snow for the POG VQ. Full of Q energy 5:30am hit and we were off…

Mosey to COP in parking lot: SSH, DQs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Bolt 45s

Mosey to wall around school for Donkey kick line of fire: PAX holds balls to wall while man on end starts set number of donkey kicks, move down the line one at a time until finished. First round 5, second round 10.

Next up Burpee Catch me if you can Indian Run…A combination of Catch Me If You Can and a traditional Indian Run. The last person drops and does 5 Burpees, while the rest of the Pax mosey in a line. After completing the Burpees, the last guy runs to catch the group, tapping the (new) last Pax on the shoulder, who then stops to begin his 5 Burpees, while the (former) last guy continues on to the front of the line.

Next up 50’s (not sure if that’s the correct name but seems fitting). PAX does exercise until first person gets to 50, PAX calls out 50 and sprints halfway around track. Start next exercise and sprint halfway around track, rinse and repeat. Exercises were

  1. SSH
  2. Squats
  3. Ball Dippers
  4. Monkey Humpers
  5. American Hammers
  6. WWIIs
  7. Plankjacks
  8. Merkins
  9. Donkey Kicks
  10. 20 burpees (took it easy because it was my first Q)

Next up BEARmuda Triangle. PAX start at 3 corners in the shape of a triangle. Bear Crawl from one corner to another, first corner 1 burpee, second 2 burpees, third corner 3 burpees.

With a few minutes to spare we went back to the wall for another round of Donkey Kick Line of Fire. This time starting at both ends and ending in the middle for the sake of time (and the Q’s fear of mutiny).

Back to the flag for 1 minute of planks. Numberama, Namerama

Announcements: HDHH 5:30pm tonight at O’Tooles

I truly appreciate the support and being able to come out and lead this group of guys. Some of you know this but I actually never planned on coming to a F3 workout. I had been running in our neighborhood with Honeymoon for several months and I texted him if he wanted to run the next day. His response was “I’m running Murph with F3 tomorrow, want to go?” I read it as “I’m running with Murph from F3 tomorrow, want to go?”

I said yes, thinking I was actually running with a guy named Murph from F3. 6 months later now I’m Qing and going almost everyday. I never would have thought that one misinterpretation of a text could cause that much positive change in my life.


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  1. Great Q POG… I would say great VQ, but your cadence and control was way to solid for that to have actually been your VQ so I’m assuming you have lead some off the books New Market beatdowns before this. Seriously, well done.

    The DK line of fire with 10 DKs was brutal…thank goodness you lit the fuse at both ends later in the workout. Those 50s were no joke either. Solid work brother.

    And I’m crying laughing at your EH – what a misinterpretation. Well done Honeymoon. F3RVA is certainly better for having POG in our PAX and no on the Q sheet!

  2. Taken out of context, a “DK line of fire” reminds me of mornings after eating Hatch green chilis

  3. Well done, POG! Sorry to miss this one.
    Respect to you for stepping up! See the SOJ guys later this afternoon. Giddy up!

  4. Sorry I missed it! I’m still recovering from the Bear Creek 10-Mail Trail Run on Sunday and won’t be posting until I can walk without pain.

    Sounds like a great VQ! Hope to attend another POG Q soon!

  5. Awesome VQ POG! I’ll second Gumbo’s comment that your cadence and control was way too solid for a VQ….you were up practicing all night, right?

    After DTH’s ground & pound on Tuesday, I was hoping for some running today….your Q did not disappoint!

    Glad you’re part of the PAX…and that a misread text was all it took to get you hooked.

  6. Great VQ POG!! I had a feeling there would be some Donkey Kicks and you did not disappoint on that front. Excellent beat down. Pro level cadence.