Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You know Dasher…


Three PAX posted for the first Punisher of December at the usual time of 6 PM Eastern and two hours before the network TV broadcast of a 1964 (respect) holiday-themed, stop motion animation program involving a reindeer. Initial mosey under the trees for COP with Imaginary Jump Ropes, DQs, Hillbillies, Cherry Pickers, Helicopters, and Arm Circles.

Jog to the eastern edge of the front school yard for Triple Check alternating Al Gores, Reverse Planks, and weaving around the holly bushes and back.

Mosey around the school to the outside wall of the second grade classrooms for sequence involving 10 rounds of 5 Donkey Kicks, 5 single count Crab Cakes, and 5 Carolina Dry Docks – Al Gore between sets.

Saunter to the swingset for Jerkin “ring of fire”. While hanging under a swing, the first guy completes 1 Jerkin while the others hold in flexed Jerkin position. Rotate through until each have completed 1. Recover briefly. Same approach, but add 1 rep each round until all have completed 7 reps.

Jog to the sidewalk at the eastern edge of the school property for sidewalk Mary. Pick a sidewalk square and complete 5 Reverse Crunches. Hop up and move to the next available square heading south and complete 5 Hello Dollys. Up, move, and drop for 5 Box Cutters. Keep moving along the sidewalk, alternating these three exercises. Halted at the southern end of the bus loop for time. COT and YHC took us out.


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