Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2nd Annual Magnum P.I. Day


Thirty-Nine Tom Selleck impersonators posted at Dogpile for an ode to good deeds, our friends at Raise Coffee, and iconic 80’s TV. 06:00 (01:00 Hawaiian time), time to break out the flowery shirts and ‘staches, and usher in the trade winds with a steady mosey to the volcano (amphitheater).

Wakeup Call: DQs (Higgins) x 12. Helicopters (T.C.s) x 12. Magnum Merkins – ‘stache touches the ground x 12. RAISE. R – Rosalitas x 12. A – APDs x 11. I – Imperial Walkers x 19. S – SSHs x 80. E – Eight Burpees. Magnum P.I. first aired on 12/11 1980.

Touch a Palm Tree: Partner up. Touch 8 trees while partner holds coupon straight out at ‘stache level. Six trees while partner holds coupon above the head. Repeato at 4 and 2 trees.

Volcano Beast (at Golden Triangle): S – ‘Stache: SSHs / T – Tempo Merkins IC / A – American Hammers (2-count) / C – Copperhead Squats IC / H – Hello Dollies / E – Eight Burpees.

Tiki Bar Pub Crawl: 4-corners. First corner: Merkins x 5. Second corner: One :60 elbow plank. Third corner: Freddie Mercuries x 19. Fourth corner: LBCx x 88. Magnum P.I. went off air on 5/8 1988.

‘Stache Dash: Jail Break sprint BTTF.

Announcements: Several of our guys are crushing the Bear Creek 10-miler tomorrow. We raised over $9k for Raise Coffee! T-Claps to all involved. Seriously, incredible effort.

Hairy Chest Moleskin: Today was another awesome example of the power of this brotherhood. As Gumbo said, we issue a challenge and the response is all-out. You men are awesome! When we come together to help others and have a blast doing it, there isn’t much better.

Welcome LinkedIn and Slim Fast. Don’t be strangers. Get back out and see us soon.



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  1. Great day gents! Unreal what this group can do, and often does. Proud to be a member of this brotherhood. Especially on days like this. Make it a great and continued season of thanks and giving.

  2. Great Q Gumbo and Vinny! Dogpile never disappoints and themes make it even better

    Good to see Major Payne! Glad you could come join us downrange.

    Have a great weekend fellas and SYITG!!

  3. Phenomenal! This group is awesome. Thanks guys. It’s a true honor and privilege to lead this with Vinny.

    Welcome Slim Fast and LinkedIn. Keep posting guys.

  4. Way to go, Gumbo and Vinny. Nice beat down and even better way to Raise support for a good cause.

    Gomer Pyle: glad to know you are having a good weekend.

  5. There is nothing like a tag team Q, as a mini convergence and so much energy with the large group! I was showing Hash(my 2.0) the picture of the gang from this morning and he asked if Vinny and Gumbo had fake mustaches!!! I said no way this was totally a genuine effort. You both put on a great Show with this workout and 80 SSH…mumble chatter galore on this one. Great to see the out of town F3 folks and welcome to Slim Fast and LinkedIn. Have a great weekend fellas, Vinny and Gumbo AWESOME combo today….Cheers, CB.

  6. My daughter Pennie shaved of the Stache this afternoon with my M looking on with relish… guess I’ll have to wait a whole year to look unprofessional again… 🙂 Thx for a good time G&V.

  7. $9k is solid, fellas! Hate to miss a Magnum beatdown, can’t wait to get back out there.