Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Flatty Lost A Bet (Singlet Time)


Six regulars and one Kotter posted with anticipation as Vinny/Kotter/YHC made his long awaited return to the Q sheet. It was great to be back out! Here’s how we killed the time.

Aerobics: SSHs x 15. Russian Soldiers x 15. Hill Billies x 15. Boat Hold x 15. Elbow Plank x :60. Scorpion Kicks x 10.

Clock Work: In the bowl behind the amphitheater. Merkin and WWII at each hour on the clock. Starting at 1:00. Perform 1 Merkin and 1 WWII. Run to other side. 2 Merkins and 2 WWIIs at 2:00. Repeato to midnight. Downhill Merkins and uphill WWIIs were the order of the day as we traversed ye ole clock.

PLTs: Form police. Three sets of 20. Standing partner needs to throw the legs as hard as they can towards the ground. Ground partner needs to let legs drop as close to the ground as possible without hitting the ground – straight legs (no bent knees). If done correctly, both standing and ground partner get in a beatdown.

Upchuck’s Legacy: Grab a coupon and return to the front of the stage. Three sets of 20 WWII press-ups – as a PAX.

Dress Rehearsal: Dips on the stage. 3 sets x 20. Jackass Merkins on the stage. 2 sets x 10 and 1 set x 11 (because why not).

Suzanne Somers: Mosey to amphitheater for V-ups. 2 on each step.

BTTF: :60 of Mary. Hold Elbow Plank

Announcements: Magnum P.I. Day is this Saturday at Dogpile. YHC and Gumbo have the Q. Wear your ‘stache and a Hawaiian shirt. We want as many participants in costume as possible for a charity photo op.

Flatty Lost A Bet: Last Tuesday at No Toll, Flatline shouted to any takers, who wants to bet on the Tech / UVA game. YHC responded immediately: I’m your huckleberry. What’s the spread? Don’t need the spread. I’ll take UVA straight up. Flatline set the rules. Loser wears a singlet to a January Dogpile. So be on the look out in early 2020 for Flatty sporting an Upgrade level onesie at a Dogpile near you.

NMS: It was great to get back on the Q sheet today. I miss regularly posting. Soon, I hope. Parting words: This is a continual season of thanks and giving. Let us carry that with us through the holidays and into 2020.

Have a great day!


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  1. Great morning. Sunny and 70 is our thing, but there is something nice about 35 and starry skies. In either case, the brotherhood is what it’s all about. Thanks for following the lead, men.

  2. Great to have you back Vinny! Nice Q and always look forward to WDog! Cheers and See you in the gloom gents…CB