Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dudes and Victoria’s Secret


Four men ventured forth to indulge YHC’s latest attempt to link this day in history to a KB workout. Here is what happened.

COP: SSH, DQ, LBC’s, arm circles, Imperial walkers, mosey back to the parking lot.

Today is the birthday of Jeff Bridges, who has made over 70 films, so to kick things off: 10 each of one hand swings, snatches, merkin rows, halos, situp press, lawnmowers and overhead press, run a lap between each set.

Move on to 40 each of lunges, demon crushers, slingshots and American hammers, for a total of 160, which is how many times the word “dude” is uttered in The Big Lebowski.

Next up, 22 each of curls, tricep press, lawnmowers and halos, for a total of 88, the same number as the keys on a piano, referencing The Fabulous Baker Boys. Lastly, 20 of something YHC can’t remember, lunge to other side of parking lot, 20 of something else (didn’t write the last part down).


The mumblechatter was in high form today. Trout announced early on that he had Thai food last night, and his fourth F was strong, such that the PAX asked him if he had the runs. Trout: “not yet” to which Mudface replied: “does that mean you have something stopping it up, like a scented plug of some sort” and so on and so forth, with guesses where a plug of that kind might be purchased (Victoria’s Secret–is that the secret?). On a separate note, please check out YouTube for a clip of that classic Jeff Bridges movie from 1975, Stay Hungry, co-starring Ah-nold and Freddy Krueger. Cinematic gold.

As usual I have No Idea what I’m doing…


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