Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

And Then, There Were Two.


Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor Gloom of night stays these [warriors]from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. – Sort of the Postal Creed.

ONE Pax launched into his appointed Rounds for the latest edition of Hoedown. To a superficial being, rain fell and a chill was present, but to YHC temperatures were sunny and 70 in his heart, his zeal for F3 and country carrying him forth for…

3 loops around the horseshoe (but, can you loop around a horseshoe, or does that really make it an oval?), followed by…

COP of 1 At Cafeteria Wall:

SSHs, IW’s, DQ’s…Mosey to the Overhang by the Gym for…

Continuation of the COP on Dry Ground…

LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, and tons of HRMs.

Mosey around the Blacktop (and Welcome the arrival of Handshake, today’s LI-LWEE). (LIFO is accountant-speak for “Last In, First Out” which makes no sense in this case because, while he was last in, Handshake Left With Everyone Else.)

With steady rain coming down, the PAX agreed to focus on “Under the Roof” exercises…

Starting at the school door, bear crawl to the Gymnasium walkway, then switch to Crabwalk. 30 of an exercise at the Gym door.

Squats, LBCs, HRMs (or something like that)

Back to the Overhang for Bernie Sanders on the incline…5 rounds.

10 derkins on the picnic tables.

Mosey to the Horseshoe for the infamous One Man Triple Check.

Each PAX is his own team. 3 exercises. 3 rounds. Run the loop. Balls to the Wall (Handshake managed the “Hoooollld it” duties). Flutter kicks (YHC called cadence).

Flip Q to Handshake for…neighborhood loop run. Call it a mile or so.

Names, numbers, announcements.


Out of the gate, YHC notes that the Directions today were excellent. Clear, concise, and enjoyable to share. Saab would be proud.

Great to have Handshake join today after about 10 minutes of solo time. Definitely a day when the Temptation to Fart Sack was strong.

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  1. Good workout today, Handshake. Thanks for pushing yourself to make it out – and for allowing me to slow mosey through the neighborhood.

  2. I’m glad we were there today. We couldn’t let Corporate think Hoedown was only for “fair weather pax”. I couldn’t believe you already hand 400 decline one-handed Hand Release Merkins completed in my “about” 10 minutes late….