Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Running in Circles


26 PAX and several other M’s and family members posted for a circular run around Forest Hill park.

Weather was perfect at the start and through out the day with lows around 38 and highs around 50. At the start, there were 18 who launched for the first loop, 8 others joined in along the way and did at least one loop. At the start of loop 3 we were down to 9 starters, at 4, 7 starters, at 5 4 starters, at 6 3 starters at 8 two starters.

It was a great event with lots of personal bests along the way. A few notables. Crikey who had never done more than 9 miles in a day put in four strong loops and wanted to do a fifth but was vetoed by Mom. He was strong all day and did awesome. Kevin (FNG) was pumping in 40 minute laps all morning long. Since he was a new guy, I was curious about his running history. I asked what the furthest he had ever run was. His response, today. His previous furthest was a half marathon in Richmond two weeks ago. Saab spent sometime later counseling on leveraging his running skills in ultras in the future.

We had a lot of guests for loop four. Honeydo’s 2.0s posted for the fourth loop. EF Hutton and his 2.0’s arrived and my 2.0, Herbie, joined in. All the young ones performed well finishing there loops. Carabeener, Honeydo’s daughter noted that the 4 mile loop on the trails was far harder than the UofR 10k the previous day. Only person to have difficulty navigating the trails was Herbie, she got lost on the loop twice and put in a little over 5 miles for the four mile loop.

Final talley of laps

  1. Offshore, Sally, Honeymoon, Carabeener, Pit Stop, Wicked, Herbie, EF Hutton, BB-8, Llama, and Flipper.
  2. Bogey (chapel Hill), Hardywood, Sippy Cup, Ezer, and Lugnut
  3. Ben and Dan
  4. Honeydo, Crikey, Jeff
  5. Saab
  6. None
  7. Kevin
  8. TYA and Shakedown

Until next year.


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  1. Great event, great weather, great people to be around. I’m super stoked for all the firsts and for the non-F3 folks who showed up to play. I bet it will be even bigger next year.

    I really enjoyed myself and it was awesome to run with my 2.0 and to finish the day with TYA!!

  2. Great to see the turnout of non-F3 ers. 4 loops was plenty for me. Respect to Saab, Shake, and TYA. Kids loved getting out for a lap.