Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hot Potato Ridge


4 valiant gentleman descended on Heartbreak Ridge to find again that there is no Q. There seems to be a pattern here which needs to be broken soon.

COP by Fireman Ed: Lap around the track, 10 Don Quixotes, 10 Arm circles, 15 2 count mountain climbers and 10 merkins

First Exercise: Take 5 benches. do 5 dips, then up to 25 dips by the 5th bench

Baton is passed to Ronnie: Mosey to front of school – do 5 merkins, crab walk to other side do 4 merkins, bear crawl to other side, and so forth down to 1 merkin.

Go to tables, Do 5 box jumps to seating benches, 5 burpees. I may have forgotten something here.

Mosey to side of school and do a pole relay. while one pax is doing pole leg lifts, the other three are holding 3 inches, We did that relay for most of the side of the school. Baton passed to Fireman.

Doras with 100 donkey kicks, 200 jump squats and 300 2 count flutter kicks. Baton passed back to Squeaker.

Mosey to chin up area. Pax 1 did 6 chin ups, Pax 2 did dips on the somewhat high bar, Pax 3 did ass to grass squats and PAX 4 did elbow to leg plank.

Baton passed back to Fireman who led in mountain climbers, 2 rounds of merkin mary and 5 OYO burpees.

Announcements: TYA is leading Turkey Day convergence at Mary at 6 a.m. (thanks for letting us sleep in:) and Friday at 7 at Forest Hill Park is the CSUP (CSOP).

Even though it was a hot potato, thanks to God for giving us the health to get out there and better ourselves.


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